Now you can take Totoro, Jiji, the Catbus, and Boh from Spirited Away on a new adventure!

A lot of our favourite characters in Studio Ghibli films like to set out on adventures, taking us on journeys through unfamiliar lands and making our eyes widen with joy along the way. Now it’s our turn to return the favour, with a new lineup of backpacks featuring some of the studio’s most popular characters.

Called the “Nuigurumi Ryukku“, with “nuigurumi” meaning “plush toy” and “ryukku” meaning “rucksack” or “backpack“, these new items double as both a plush toy and a backpack, and with shoulder straps that can be adjusted from 36-70 centimetres (14-28 inches), they’re designed to be used by both children and adults.

There are five to choose from, hailing from three Ghibli films, so let’s take a look at them below, starting with…

▼ …Totoro!

Not only does this rotund Totoro look adorable, it’s got enough room inside to take care of everyday essentials like your phone, glasses, pens and makeup.

Joining the large Totoro for this sojourn into the wild is its lookalike companion, the Medium Totoro.

▼ Similar to Totoro in design, but with a cuddly blue hue.

▼ Look out — the Catbus is along for the ride too!

With the bus-like compartment sitting on its back, this design has slightly more room than the others, allowing you to fit a few more things in.

▼ Next up, we have one of the stars from Kiki’s Delivery Service — the talking black cat Jiji.

This feline looks particularly gorgeous and is sure to attract a lot of attention from people behind your back!

▼ Rounding out the collection is Boh, in mouse form, from Spirited Away.

As Boh is one of the supporting characters who doesn’t get a lot of merchandise opportunities compared to leading characters, this backpack is sure to be a head-turner.

With each bag measuring around 40 centimetres (16 inches) in length and 33 centimetres in width, they’re the perfect size for a quick adventure outdoors. Available at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around Japan and online, Boh and the Totoros retail for 8,800 yen (US$61.13) each, while Jiji is priced at 9,350 yen and the Catbus at 13,200 yen.

Source: Donguri Kyowakoku
Top image: Donguri Kyowakoku
Insert images: Donguri Kyowakoku (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
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