Design manages to be bold and unique while still providing a surprising amount of coverage. Plus, a closer look at the shinbi spokesmodel.

Given that ninja are pretty much all about remaining unseen, blending shinobi style with swimwear, which often uses bold, attention-grabbing designs, seems like it’d be a difficult task. Apparently it’s not too difficult for the designers at Japanese fashion label Mocolle, though.

After months of anticipation, the Kunoichi Swimsuit (kunoichi being the term for female ninja) is now officially on sale. While it’s more colorful than the monochrome black outfits most commonly associated with Japan’s shadow warriors, the garment still incorporates a number of ninja nuances.

When going on dangerous missions where combat was likely, ninja wore a kind of tightly meshed chain mail, called kusarikatabira. Obviously metal armor would be impractical for a swimsuit, but the motif is carried over in mesh portions on the chest as well as a pair of upper arm bands that are included in the bikini bundle.

▼ The top is also designed to mimic the look of the layered clothing of Japan’s feudal period.

Whereas Mocolle focused on cute sexiness with its Shinto shrine maiden bikini, it says the goal of the Kunoichi Swimsuit is to tap into the inherent coolness of ninja. Eye-catching as the design is, it actually provides a fair amount of coverage, especially with its short leggings and skirt.

For those of you who’re interested not just in the Kunoichi Swimsuit, but in this particular kunoichi, serving as spokesmodel is Ryo Yamabuki, who in addition to modeling and cosplaying also plays guitar for band Elfri.

▼ Yamabuki, seen in other swimsuits…

▼ …as another ninja (video game character Mai Shiranui, to be precise)…

▼ …and on stage.

▼ Audio preview of Elfri’s first mini album, LOVE &

Like most of Mocolle’s ideas, the Kunoichi Swimsuit started out as a crowdfunding project, which, once again as usual for the company, was a smashing success. It’s now being offered for direct purchase by novelty goods store Village Vanguard through its online store, priced at 8,100 yen (US$74). Orders can be placed here, with shipping scheduled for the latter half of July.

Source: Village Vanguard via IT Media
Top image: Village Vanguard
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