Japanese Twitter user utilises photos to explain their love of girls with a little junk in the trunk, or loot in the boot.

The majority of fashion magazines and television channels may sing the praises of slim girls with skinny waists but one Japanese Twitter user has used photos to make a clever comparison and explain the appeal of a girl, or even a guy, with a little more meat on their frame.

▼ Does this count as objectifying women?


‘I’m often asked what’s so good about a slightly chubby ‘pocchari’ girl, so here’s an explanation that’s easy to understand.’

Twitter user @aki_hie offers up two photographs. On the left, the bare bones of a sofa; denuded of its cushions so that only the wooden frame remains. On the right, a sumptously soft looking tubby sofa. Which one would you rather lie on top of?

The term “pocchari” isn’t equivalent to the English fat though (that’s “debu”), but to a slightly rounded plump, like a kind of puppy fat look. @aki_hie is far from the only one to find themselves enamoured with pocchari girls who might not fit the stereotypical image of female beauty, with a trend in recent years that has seen pocchari celebrities like Naomi Watanabe and cafes that cater to people who like cute, plump girls.

Given the replies to the tweet above, a fair number of fans were willing to vocally support the pocchari love.

‘That’s so true!’
‘Ah, a lover of large women!’
‘That explains everything, the skinny one just looks uncomfortable.’
‘I used to know a girl who looked just like the one on the right.’
‘Yes! Now I have another excuse to snack! I was on a diet until I saw this!’

While @aki_hie extolls the virtues of plump girls in the comparison, we’re hoping the logic also applies to men: more is more when there’s more of you to love, right? Perhaps those fans were less inclined to take to Twitter to declare their love, presumably far too busy roving the tonkatsu restaurants of Japan for their ideal man.

Fat, thin, or somewhere in the middle, it’s nice to think that there’s someone out there for everyone. Of course, lovers and sofas are very different – one supports you and makes you happy, with your mutual love and fit growing stronger with time. The other one is…your lover. When it comes to sofas though, at least you know where you sit with them.

Source: Twitter/@aki_hie via Hachimakiko
Top image: Pakutaso