And yet for some reason you’ll still want to eat these snacks.

Thai commercials are known for being completely committed to evoking a strong emotional response of some kind from the viewer. Most of the time that means that they’re going to make you cry, but they can be pretty funny too. It does seem like no matter what they’re selling, though, the biggest tool for Thai marketers is the element of surprise.

That’s evident in some of the most recent commercials by Thai snack company Voiz, who tend to make their surprises a bit more on the eccentric side. Take this recent commercial for their crackers, simply titled “The Box”. It’s actually the least bizarre of all the commercials we have included; in fact, it’s a brilliant bit of humorous, science-fiction cinema, in spite of the fact that it’s a commercial.

The video starts off with a man who seems to be packing away his home. He seals up a box full of books and magazines, and, satisfied with the completion of his task, bends to pick up the last package of Voiz crackers in the bag for a post-job snack.

As he’s munching his crackers, he notices that he accidentally forgot one magazine, but when he opens the box to put it away, the box is suddenly empty. He seems confused, but not yet alarmed. He puts the magazine in the box, closes it, and, just to see what happens, opens it again. The magazine has disappeared, and the box is once again empty.

▼ I would be standing far away from that box too.

At this point, the man is, understandably, a little alarmed. After a moment of deep thought, though, he bravely decides to get in the box himself. He closes the lid, waits a few seconds, and then bursts out to see another version of himself busily unloading the shelf behind him. He must have gone back in time!

So he does the only natural thing to do: grabs the still-unopened package of Voiz crackers, and, with an idea in mind, gets back in the box to see what happens next.

When he bursts out of the box for a second time, now with more confidence, he’s gone even further back in time to when his room was still decorated. It seems his plan has worked: there’s a brand new, completely unopened package of Voiz on the floor next to the box, which he gleefully picks up.

What happens next? We’ll you’ll have to watch to find out. Spoiler alert: Voiz crackers are apparently too good to share.

Another somewhat strange commercial, in a weirdly touching way, is “The Unbreakable Love”. It’s about a heartbroken coffee mug whose relationship is saved by Voiz waffle cookies. Heartwarming? …maybe. Bizarre? Definitely.

The next commercial is just ridiculous, and really funny in a perverse way. “Classroom” features a high school girl who decides to snack on one of Voiz’s tasty chocolate waffle cookies after class. Suddenly the school pretty-boy appears and, with apparently romantic intentions, gets dangerously close, but the outcome will surprise you, in more ways than one.

But perhaps the weirdest Voiz commercial is “The Secret”, about secrets and young love. A girl is hiding a secret from her boyfriend, but it turns out he is hiding even more from her. Once you find out what it is, you’ll probably be just as baffled, and uncomfortable, as I was.

Yep, these Thai snack commercials are pretty weird, but also kind of ingenious, in an eccentric way. We have to say, though, that the king of weird commercials has got to be Japan, where milk-squirting nipples and freaky singing pizza animals have been known to make an appearance. In fact, the top Japanese commercials of 2017 should give you enough weird for a month.

Just remember to take breaks in the middle of the video, otherwise you might become one with the weird.

Source: YOMYOF
Images: Vimeo/Work that works