Watch them undergo some serious transformations.

It might take a while to learn the ways of the brush, but devote some time to cosmetics and their various applications, and the results will be nothing short of astonishing.

A recent makeup removal video featuring Asian women is a case in point. Watching them peel off eyelash extensions, remove adhesives, and wipe away layers of cosmetics ends up looking like reversed versions of magical girl transformations.

▼ The video is strangely mesmerizing.

The video has garnered over 66 million views in less than a month, and watching how these girls drastically change their appearances within a few seconds, we can understand why it went viral.

▼ What a dramatic change.

▼ She’s almost like a totally different person.

Beauty standards in Asia have evolved through the ages, with women now emphasizing having fair skin, slimmer faces, large eyes, and double eyelids.

Despite the girls featured in the video achieving near doll-like appearances, an overwhelming majority of netizens agree that they look great even without makeup:

“This is disturbing and mesmerizing at the same time. Why do so many races/cultures seem to believe looking more Caucasian is preferred? Everybody is beautiful in their own way.”

“They don’t even look that bad, so why do they completely change their face? I don’t wear makeup but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to accept what you have.”

“If there’s one thing that makes me so mad/upset, it’s people feeling like they need to change themselves because they don’t feel good enough.”

Cosmetics and makeup can greatly enhance facial features to achieve desirable looks, but that’s not their sole purpose. Some use beauty products to express themselves and explore their artistic side, utilizing their face as canvas to create extraordinary works of art.

Source: Facebook/ES China via Next Shark
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