We’re all used to seeing those before-and-after photos of plain jane (or even, let’s be honest, um, “conventionally unattractive”) Asian girls transforming themselves into gorgeous swans through the use of cosmetics. But did you ever stop to think about those girls’ lives? What kind of bullying and social pressure drove them to devote themselves so entirely to relying on the contents of their makeup bags?

Today we’d like to introduce you to a young lady whose “before” face has made her the victim of a barrage of cruel tweets. But is she bothered? Not one bit!

The young lady in question, known only by her Twitter handle _5m91, has gained around 3,000 followers as a result of the popularity of her before-and-after snap.

“Thanks for the 10,000 retweets!”


Unfortunately, despite her self-deprecating sense of humor (she describes herself as “a human with an extremely subpar facial quality”, she has also incurred many cruel comments from insensitive trolls, which she kindly collated for us to peruse in our own time.

Here’s a roundup of nasty comments I’ve received recently:”

“Ugly girls are still ugly no matter how much makeup they plaster on!”

“Both of your pictures are ‘before’ pictures in my eyes!”

“Your ‘after’ picture looks like a cyborg.”

“Still waiting for the ‘after’ picture! Come on!”

“And here’s my favorite of them all!”

“Congratulations, you are an extremely ugly girl who has managed to make herself merely ugly.”

Still, none of it seems to have fazed our thick-skinned makeup master, as she met the comments head-on while laughing everyone one of them off.

“Thanks for the retweets, everyone! I got dissed loads and guess what? I’m happy about it!”


Those nasty trolls did nothing to put a damper on her Christmas spirit!

“Merry Merry Merrrrrry! (in a creepy voice)”


Cheerful _5m91-chan is happy to poke fun at herself when her makeup arsenal fails her:

“Got back from the park and the false eyelash that I thought got blown off in the wind was stuck in my hair!”


And she also dispenses helpful tips on how to achieve a gorgeous “after” face like hers!

“I do my eyelids using band-aids!”


She also has a good reason to smile and be happy – she’s six months pregnant!


Those twitter trolls can suck it!


We really admire her spirit – not everyone is automatically blessed with good looks, and just because someone wasn’t born with the kind of genes that make everyone want to gaze at them for hours on end, it doesn’t mean they should give up on feeling good about their looks.

Luckily, girls these days are able to make the best of what they’ve got with just a little effort, meaning that looking good doesn’t have to be a birthright. And hey, if our Twitter-using friend’s baby grows up not fitting society’s punishing standards for beauty, he or she will have a mother who can teach them how to let the cruelty of the world just roll right off their back. And if they’re interested someday, maybe she’ll even teach  them a few of her patented personal grooming tricks, too!

Source: Toychan.net
Image:@_5m91, Twitter