Finally, an outfit for the clothes-conscious Gundam fan… who has some spare cardboard boxes.

We’ve seen fancy Gundam fashion before, but never anything quite like this.

The Japanese “street style app” Wear is a mix between Instagram and Amazon. Users share photos of themselves wearing their favorite clothes with the same hashtags and comments you’d expect on any other social media platform, but each photo also has links to immediately purchase whatever parts of the outfit you want.

While most photos on the platform show off users’ stylish coordinates, Japanese Twitter user @a1n9rid found one that was a little… different.

(Click pictures to enlarge, translation below.)

“Recently I went to a clothes store and didn’t know what to buy, so I figured I’d check Wear for some ideas. There was one user I didn’t understand… their super-effective Gundam style…. it’s too amazing, but I feel like something in their coordinate is off.”

The user who modeled these amazing outfits is Dundam-chan, a play on words combining “Gundam” and the Japanese word for “cardboard” (danbōru).

She has dozens of pictures showing off her various fashionable coordinates on her Wear account, all while sporting the equally stylish cardboard Gundam head. The contrast between the smartly-dressed lower half and bizarre upper half is hilariously absurd.

▼ Yet again proving that beige truly goes with anything,
even plaid shirts and robot faces.

▼ “Hey Dundam-chan, does that head make you feel a little top heavy?”
“No… why do you ask?”

▼ Is this the next new playable Mario Kart character?!

▼ Hanging out with fellow Gundam fashionistas.

▼ And of course, any proper Gundam fashion has to ensure
that it still has plenty of mobility to be capable to fighting.

Japanese netizens were excited about this breath of fashion fresh-air:

“That’s amazing. I wish I could pull that off.”
“Just shows that if you’re attractive, you can wear anything.”
“When you don’t know if you’re cosplaying or walking down the runway.”
“Yes, cardboard is definitely in style these days.”
“Are these the ‘Newtype’ Gundams I’ve heard about?”

If you’d like to see more of Dundam-chan’s coordinates, then check out her page on Wear.

We’re just glad there’s someone out there showing that if you want to look cool and show off your love for Gundam at the same time, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for official outfits.

Source: Twitter/@a1n9rid via Hachima Kiko
Images: Wear/@dundamchan