The battle of the beverages has spread from English-language twitter to the Japanese net! Which foreign fizz has the fiercest fans?

It all started with a fateful tweet on September 26, when user @Lari_828 ran a fun little informal survey. The rules are simple: users who prefer the classic taste of a good old red and white Coca Cola, click the retweet symbol. Those with a preference for Pepsi should click the heart. Who will triumph in this showdown of soft drinks?

▼ At the current count Pepsi is winning, though the votes in the replies are anyone’s guess

Soon enough, a maverick voter came along who chose a third option.

After receiving props from the official Dr Pepper account itself, a new popular tweet showed up in town. Which option to choose? Decisions, decisions…

▼ Dr Pepper is good, but I think Dr Pepper might win out over it this time.

With the tweets spanning the Internet to the tune of tens of thousands of retweets, it’s no wonder that Japanese users got a glimpse of the frothy fighting. The original tweets even got re-posted in a collection with a translation, so Japanese soda fans could grab a glug of the voting action!

▼ So let’s see, if a favorite is a vote for Coca Cola and also Dr Pepper, and an RT is Pepsi… and also Dr Pepper…Hmm…

Looks like Pepsi (or Dr Pepper) is the winner in Japan, too.  Soon users on all sides contributed by proudly declaring their own carbonated coalitions, often with photographs to prove their love.

“Team Pepsi!”

“Good morning, Lord Nobunaga. Could it be you’re on Team Cola, too?”

“I’m on Team Dr Pepper.”

▼ Wonder what team this guy is on?

The late-entry challenger Dr Pepper emboldened fans of other cola drinks to step forward and champion their favorite unsung heroes. Most often mentioned was the native Japanese cola drink from Kirin Mets, initially marketed as a slimming alternative to the American imports. Unfortunately their fanbase seems to be wandering in recent years, in no small part due to Pepsi and Coca Cola‘s increased efforts to provide healthier sodas.

“I used to be an ardent Mets Cola fan until a few years ago, and today when I saw this blue label my hand just shot out to grab a bunch. There’s a green version, too.”

Root beer also got a good mention, with fans extolling its virtues with compliments like “it tastes just like Dr Pepper” and “it has a very unique flavor“.

“Root beer tastes good too, y’know.”

But why limit yourself to just soda? With this powerful Twitter survey method at their fingertips, a user created their own quick survey about two classic chocolate snacks: mushroom or bamboo shoot?

▼ Looks like the bamboo shoot is winning right now

One thing is certain. Coca Cola, Mets Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, root beer, even sensually packaged water – they all go great with a salty cup of Pringles ramen. Bottoms up!

Source: Twitter/@Lari_828, Twitter/@gamemode7280 via JIN
Featured image: Twitter/@gamemode7280