Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper fans create online map of Japan cataloging everywhere you can buy the divisive drink

DP Lovers wants to help you fill your soda craving prescription.

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Do Japanese people like Dr. Pepper? Online poll seeks the truth, gets 28,000 responses

The results are surprising..but make sense if you think about it.

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Melon Dr. Pepper appears in Japan, but is it just what the doctor ordered?【Taste test】

SoraNews24’s in-house Dr. Pepper fan tries the mysterious new flavor, plus how to duplicate it at home.

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Japanese Twitter users answer: Are you a Coca Cola, Pepsi or Dr Pepper fanatic?

The battle of the beverages has spread from English-language twitter to the Japanese net! Which foreign fizz has the fiercest fans?
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Western products some Japanese people love: Diet Dr. Pepper, the rare unicorn of drinks in Japan

Do you like Japanese snacks and drinks? Can you never get enough of some sweet, sweet Pocky washed down with a nice cold C.C. Lemon?

Well guess what? It goes the other way too! Some Japanese people love certain Western products that are super rare in Japan. Case in point, two of our SoraNews24 Japanese writers have an unhealthy obsession with Diet Dr. Pepper. Both of them have tried to track it down in Japan for years to no avail, finally giving in to lesser drinks.

But not anymore. Something rare and beautiful has been found in Japan, and its name is Diet Dr. Pepper.

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