We give raw Pepsi another try, learn an important life lesson along the way【Taste test】

Maybe the real treasure was the raw Pepsi we drank along the way.

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“Raw Pepsi,” the most refreshing flavor ever, is out in Japan, but how does it taste?【Taste test】

The Japan-exclusive Pepsi Nama sets itself part from normal Pepsi in a big way.

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Pepsi Japan to release its “most refreshing” cola ever

Pepsi Nama Cola is the latest evolution in Japan.

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Pepsi Japan teases new limited-edition flavour with clever marketing

Eagle-eyed fans solve the mystery of the new Japan Cola before its official release.

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Japanese netizens dismayed at abysmal win rate of Pepsi Japan’s rock-paper-scissors promotion

Not surprising considering the chances of winning is less than one percent.

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Pepsi’s new Japan Cola has a special ingredient: one of Japan’s most delicious sweets seasonings

Japan-exclusive soft drink has a citrus finish, but it’s not from oranges, lemons, or limes.

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Japanese Twitter users answer: Are you a Coca Cola, Pepsi or Dr Pepper fanatic?

The battle of the beverages has spread from English-language twitter to the Japanese net! Which foreign fizz has the fiercest fans?
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Cucumber Sprite? Japan was through with it before the rest of you all knew what to do with it

Allow me to declare in my best cola-nerd voice, “Pepsi already did it!”

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New ad for Pepsi J-Cola is like a badass Mad Max Japanese festival 【Video】

The crazy big-budget commercial stars some of Japan’s most well-known musicians on flame-spewing monster floats.

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Suntory releases new Pepsi soft drinks only available in Japan

The three new beverages have been developed to specifically suit Japanese tastes.

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Christmas cake-flavored Pepsi is set to make the holidays a little sweeter in Japan

Forget the milk and leave Santa a bottle of this snow-white Pepsi to wash down his cookies with instead.

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Woman pours Pepsi into two ATMs to withdraw money, doesn’t get it

Not satisfied with simply robbing a victim of her money, some fraudsters decide to add insult to injury.

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Jude Law stars in epic Japanese Pepsi commercial as legendary demon from tale of Momotaro

The British actor brings life to the origin story of a Japanese demon in a clip that plays out like a mesmerising high-budget feature film.

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Japan gets world’s strongest carbonated Pepsi, packaged in a new reinforced bottle

While a one-litre (two-pint) bottle of Pepsi usually contains 1.0 GV (gas volume), these much smaller bottles now pack 5.0 GV in more than half the size.

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We try the delicious new Japan-only sakura Pepsi【Taste test】

It turns out that Cherry blossom Pepsi tastes as lovely as it looks.

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World’s first-ever Sakura Pepsi coming to Japan this March

Japanese beverage maker Suntory has just announced it will be releasing its first-ever cherry blossom-flavoured Pepsi this spring.

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Citrus-packing “Pepsi White” coming to Japan for the winter snow season

When it comes to limited-edition beverages, Pepsi continues to rise to the occasion year after year. And just when we thought we’d seen the last of Pepsi’s seasonal releases for 2015 with their mystery-flavoured Halloween range, they go and announce a special Christmas present, with the release of a new Pepsi White Cola for this year’s winter season.

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“Pepsi Ghost” brings a mysterious new flavor for Halloween in Japan

Among brands who like to get adventurous with the flavors in Japan such as Kit Kat or Häagen- Dazs, Pepsi is certainly one of the most prolific. Past Pepsi flavors have included cucumber, strawberry milk, and salty watermelon.

This time, everyone’s favorite alternative to Coke has unleashed a new flavor called Pepsi Ghost, especially for the Halloween season. They’ve really outdone themselves too, because for this limited-edition outing the special flavor is unknown.

So unknown, in fact, that even after drinking about a litre of the stuff I still can’t quite put my finger on it.

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Is the world ready for Japan’s new Lemon & Mint Pepsi? 【Taste test】

So, mint is an extraordinarily versatile, exceedingly summer-appropriate ingredient. It can add a refreshing bite to savory dishes, is the essential main ingredient in basically all of the world’s best ice cream flavors, and is the star of the show in that most refreshing of summer beverages, the mojito (without which would basically just be watery rum).

Mint is the miracle substance that makes Asia’s hellish, your-buddy-just-spontaneously-combusted-hot summers just the slightest bit tolerable; a fact that beverage and snack makers in Japan are finally catching onto, with each passing year seeing better and more diverse mint-infused offerings.

But lemon and mint? That’s the new flavor combo Pepsi is banking on to be the next big thing with its new “Pepsi Special Lemon Mint” drink offering, and we’re just the slightest bit wary.

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Pepsi’s awesome Peach Boy reboot continues with new episode, fire-breathing giants【Video】

About half a year ago, we took a look at a unique retelling of the Japanese folk tale of Momotaro, also known as the Peach Boy. Not only was it presented as a series of live-action commercials for Pepsi’s zero-calorie cola, it reimagined Momotaro and his animal companions (a dog, pheasant, and monkey) as gritty action heroes in a desperate fight against the ogre-like oni.

The commercials were so cool that they left many people begging for a full-length theatrical feature, and while a Momotaro movie is yet to be greenlit, the fourth video in the amazing series has been released, with an extra-long runtime and more awesome pyrotechnics than you’re likely to see in any other soda commercial.

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