Zombie pizza of hell rises in Japan, restaurant claims no responsibility if it grosses you out


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Rural Japanese town overrun with elderly zombies in attempt to control wild boar population

Small town in Shizuoka Prefecture hopes to bring in tourists and keep away pests by turning its residents into the walking dead.

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On Halloween, turn any character into a wounded zombie version with these few simple steps【Pics】

Our reporter shares her pro tips for applying wound makeup for her masked, zombie version of fan-favorite Harley Quinn this year.

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Japanese pizza chain releases spooky Zombie Pizzas for Halloween

Aoki’s Pizza is back at it again with their annual zombie pizza.

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Newest virtual YouTuber is actually a rotting zombie with a cute voice, has a slug for a pet

Believe it or not, this undead YouTuber is actually bad at dealing with spooky stuff.

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We take a tour of the Zombie Museum and learn a little about life…and death. Well, pretty much only death actually.

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Zombie Museum coming to Osaka this summer

Finally, a place where zombies can go and enjoy some culture… Oh, it’s a museum of zombies. That’s good too.

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Taking the joke too far? Bloodied zombie subway prank in Shanghai raises eyebrows

Shanghai prankster group Monkey Kingz is in some hot water after one of their latest stunts created mass chaos inside of a subway train and led several people to call the police. It was supposed to be a Halloween prank featuring a rogue zombie, but the additional touch of having the actor cough up a blood-like substance and stumble around in pain seemed to be crossing the line for some people, especially in light of a recent international medical scare. Take a look at the video for yourself and decide whether the prank was a smashing success or downright inappropriate.

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Curry of the Dead: Zombie-bait curry that’s good enough for human consumption

So, let’s say you wake up one morning, unlock your smartphone, and find yourself bombarded with all caps texts from friends about some “zombie apocalypse.” And probably a few Instagram selfies, too, just to mark the occasion.

You look out the window and, sure enough, there go a few zombies shuffling down the street, moaning about brains.

What would you do??

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Capcom Fills Pool with Blood to Mark Release of Newest Resident Evil

In conjunction with the release of Resident Evil Revelations in the UK, Campcom is pulling out all the stops (and arteries, ha-ha) for their newest PR campaign. Last year, they had a butcher shop serving up fresh “people meat.” (We’re starting to wonder if there wasn’t some miscommunication about exactly what kind of game this is.) So, how about this year?

Well, on May 25 and 26, Capcom’s jumping in the deep end with a pool literally filled with blood. And, if you find you’ve forgotten how to swim, zombie lifeguards are standing by to…rescue you? (Wait, aren’t zombies kind of aquaphobic?) Read More

New Playstation 3 Commercial Packs a Nasty Little Surprise, Small Children Now Wary of Plastic Boxes

Just before this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony lifted the lid on its newly-modelled Playstation 3 console.

While many of us were hoping for even a tiny snippet of news on the next generation of consoles, Sony is still busy squeezing the few last drops of juice out of its multi-million-selling game machine, and, in an effort to cut production costs and shift a few more units before going next-gen, has somehow managed to shave a few more inches off the console’s size, giving it a facelift in the process.

Eager to show off their newest toy, a brand new ad campaign for the console hit Japanese TV late last week, drawing consumers’ attention to the machine’s snazzy new lines and bragging about its smaller size.

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Resident Evil to Infect Universal Studios Japan This Fall

Following in the tradition of Japan getting all the cool Resident Evil stuff, Universal Studios Japan has announced they will be converting a portion of the theme park into a zombie-infested Raccoon City this Fall.

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How to Make a Horror Bento, Perfect for Fights with Loved Ones

We’ve covered the phenomenon of charabens in the past ranging from the extremely cute to the downright bizarre. However, as with any art form, the horror genre cannot be left out.  Inspired by some photos of horror bentos found online a reporter from the website Pouch, Hotaru Yamakawa, has decided to make her own series of 3 horror bentos and help you make your own.

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