Hankyu Umeda will showcase highlights from British culture, with spotlights on fantasy characters, cuisine and even Buckingham palace-style marches!

Japan and the United Kingdom have had a long-standing mutual admiration, with characters like Peter Rabbit and Shaun the Sheep featuring prominently in Japanese pop culture and British appreciation of Japanese aesthetics dating back to the 19th century. From October 10 to October 16, the Hankyu department store in Osaka’s Umeda neighborhood will play host to boutique stalls, speeches and performances that will let you feel the quaint charm of the U.K. from halfway across the world.

Largely taking place on the event plaza on the store’s ninth floor, Hankyu Umeda has made sure to capture all of the most positive experiences people associate with the British aisles and even has a wide range of homegrown eateries to choose from. This time the event celebrates some of the most famous fantastical works of fiction produced by the U.K., which is why they’re going the whole Hogwarts in advertising one exhibition:

The graphic designer team MinaLima (Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima) were tasked with creating the classic Harry Potter aesthetic for the films, parks and merchandise, and in this pop-up exhibition in Hankyu you can enjoy their works and even take some home for yourself! The duo created a special print to commemorate the event, which you can purchase for 10,800 yen (US$96.10).

There will also be public talks about the world of Harry Potter and English fantasy in general held throughout the fair’s run. But don’t worry if wizards aren’t your thing – Peter Rabbit, Paddington Bear and even Alice from Alice in Wonderland will get their share of attention, as well as plenty of cool limited goods.

▼ A collection of gorgeous displays in the Alice exhibit

Peter Rabbit and other Beatrix Potter creations gambol in this cute garden display

After spending your time in these tapestried wonderlands, it’s likely you’ll need to take a tea break. Hankyu Umeda has you covered with an abundance of stalls and shops where you can sample some of the finest foods from the U.K., including an award-winning fish and chips plate with gluten-free batter, chunky sausage rolls in flaky pastry and hot, buttery Scotch pancakes.

▼ This attendee nabbed a plate of fish and chips and some scones. Luvverly!


Other stores will have spun-sugar candies, native tea blends, jams, shortbread cookies and chocolates to choose from, as well as whiskey cakes, smoked meats and alcohol. There’s even a place where you can buy your own British Christmas pudding!

Once you’re all filled up with clotted cream scones and hot milk tea, you can set off once more to peruse the entertainment. A number of designers and jewelers will be present to display their goods, many of which are as fun to look at as they are expensive to own! High-value fashion brands and designer figurines will also be available, and you can spend a full afternoon perusing the numerous galleries.

▼ Samples from the bright and bold lines lighting up Hankyu Umeda


▼ Catch a glimpse of pre-Disney Winnie the Pooh!

And once you’ve worn your feet out travelling all over the plaza, take a moment to enjoy a live performance from one of the three musical ensembles booked to appear. The most frequently recurring act is the London Fanfare Trumpets, who put on a show just like the marching guards you can see outside of the Royal Palace.

Expect long lines and busy crowds: no matter how poorly some people might view certain British amenities, the people of Osaka are very eager to try them out!

Source: Hankyu Umeda
Top image: Hankyu Umeda