People all over the world head to Kentucky Fried Chicken when they want some deliciously seasoned fried chicken fast and easy. Japan is no exception, but when it comes to meals, fish is generally the meat of choice in this country.

So it comes as no surprise… Actually nevermind, it’s still pretty surprising that KFC Japan has begun putting Kentucky Fried Fish on their menu. Curious to see how the land-locked state of Kentucky does fish, our reporter Kuzo put his cholesterol-count on the line and went in to investigate.

Wanting to recreate the entire “British fish-and-chips” experience, Kuzo ordered some fries to go with his Kentucky Fried Fish. “If only they sold beer here,” he thought looking at his golden brown oily sticks of fish and potato.

KFC must have expected people to think the same way as Kuzo and seasoned accordingly because the fries and fish went remarkably well together. The batter on the fish was extra crispy. Actually, “downright crunchy” would better describe the fish’s coating. KFC made another good match with how well the tartar sauce blended in with the chunky batter’s nooks and crannies.

Well-matched combinations aside, Kuzo felt that the next time he would try to eat the Kentucky Fried Fish au naturel. The somewhat strong oiliness and batter alone might be too light of a taste though. It could work out if KFC sold a nice fresh drink with it to cleanse the palette like oolong tea… or beer.

All in all, Kuzo thought Kentucky Fried Fish matched up to English fish and chips quite smashingly for a salty, greasy, and crispy treat. That being said, this is KFC’s version of fish and chips and those familiar with the fried chicken chain’s level of quality should pretty much know what to expect.

Chicken will always be number one at KFC, but their new KFF is a welcome alternative for those looking for a little change of pace.

Source: Kentucky Fried Fish
Original Report by Kuzo
Photos: RocketNews24 (except promotional image)

▼ When you open the package a cloud of fried fish smell poofs into your face

▼ Hey! Are those fries flipping me off?

If you like strong flavors heaping some of KFC’s complimentary tartar sauce is recommended.

▼ A really nice meal overall! Just needs a beer

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