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Londoners marvel at newly-opened Marugame Udon restaurant’s low prices

You paid how much for a bowl of udon?!

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Japanese beer giant Asahi buys British London Pride brewery; U.K. writer hopping mad

Would a London Pride beer brewed in the same location under Japanese management still taste as patriotic? Both sides weigh in.

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Osaka shows off Great Britain’s flair with Hankyu department store’s Great British Fair!

Hankyu Umeda will showcase highlights from British culture, with spotlights on fantasy characters, cuisine and even Buckingham palace-style marches!

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How does Britain’s Wagamama Ramen stand up to Japanese taste buds? A culinary investigation

If you’ve ever tried pizza in Japan or even miso soup in America, you probably know not to expect the same quality as in that food’s homeland. That’s perfectly understandable if you ask me; sometimes food is adapted to appeal to local palates, and things that a dish’s original creators may insist on can be considered unappetising or downright odd in its new home.

But then you have countries where even the native cuisine is known throughout the world, whether it’s a fair statement to make or not, as being kind of unappetizing. In such a country, would seeking out non-native dishes be an especially good idea?

When he found himself craving Japanese food after months of living in the UK, RocketNews24 Japan’s writer Gold Hijikata decided to take himself out to well-known British chain restaurant Wagamama, which he heard specializes in Japanese favorite ramen. With over 100 locations across the UK, our man Gold had high hopes for Wagamama’s noodles, but he also knew that it would be hard to come close to his own country’s efforts.

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Pot Noodles prove too much for Japanese taste buds

The world’s worst cup noodles are to be found in none other than the fair land of England, home of delicacies such as fish ‘n’ chips, bread and butter pudding, and spotted dick. At least that’s according to one Japanese exchange student to the UK, brought up on a diet of real cup ramen back in his home country. But surely ‘worst ever’ is a bit of an overstatement?! We sent one of our Japanese reporters to find out, and weren’t quite prepared for his epic reaction (we don’t think he was either).

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