New release, with unique packaging by a Japanese artist, set to be released internationally.

Back in April, Nestlé Japan announced it would be celebrating its 45th year of Japanese operations with a special New Flavour World Summit Campaign, calling for people around the world to cast their vote to decide the next limited-edition Kit Kat flavour.

Half a million people from 81 regions globally nominated a wide variety of ideas for the new release, and now it appears that suggestions like breast milk and Stroopwafel were laid aside for a more popular flavour choice: Strawberry Tiramisu.

Drawing a large majority of votes from people in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and the U.K., the new Strawberry Tiramisu flavour is said to contain a delicious blend of bittersweet flavours, thanks to the mixture of mascarpone, coffee and cocoa cream kneaded into the wafers. The tiramisu mix is also blended into the white chocolate casing, which comes with the addition of real strawberry pulp pieces, to add a tart fruitiness to the creamy coffee dessert flavours.

The chocolates will be sold in a pack of 11 for 500 yen (US$4.40) or a box of three for 120 yen. Both versions will feature unusual designs on the packaging, showcasing the talents of Japanese comedian, actor, singer and artist Noritake Kinashi.

Kinashi will be exhibiting his art in 15 locations, both locally and internationally, in the next two years. Though he’s an accomplished artist, packaging design was a new experience for Kinashi, and he decided to create a theme of connection between people for the new release, with each individually wrapped Kit Kat featuring a different illustration.

The drawings also come with a variety of cute messages, including “I’m 45 years old too!” and “Congratulations on 45 years. Let’s also get to 45 years!

While many Kit Kat releases are made exclusively for Japan, this new 45th anniversary flavour is set to be rolled out internationally following its initial run in Japan. The Starwberry Tiramisu Kit Kat will go on sale around the country from 19 November.

Source, images: Nestle Japan