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Nestlé Japan is starting a membership service for its Kit Kat Chocolatory product line, and it comes with a chance to win an actual gold Kit Kat!

The Kit Kat Chocolatory, the specialty store which features exclusive Kit Kat products created by renowned pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi, has been quite a success since first opening at the Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store in January of 2014. There are now eight Kit Kat Chocolatory shops located across Japan, with more than one million shoppers having visited them so far.

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In light of the line’s popularity, Nestlé Japan will be offering a new membership service  for Chocolatory fans starting February 6. All you have to do is download the Kit Kat Chocolatory app on your smartphone and register for membership. Becoming a member between February 6 and February 29 will automatically enter you in a drawing to win one of eight gold Kit Kats each worth 2,000,000 yen (US$17,000) that Nestlé Japan is giving away — yes, we were excited enough when we heard about Kit Kats encased in gold leaf last December, but this time, we’re talking about real, solid gold!

All the talk of gold aside, registered users of the membership service will be able to earn points for their Chocolatory purchases to enjoy bonuses such as special Kit Kat-themed trips, tickets to live performances by artists affiliated with the “Kit Kat Chocolatory Premium Theater” (in which artists from a wide variety of genres share live and recorded performances inspired by the creations of chef Takagi), visits to the Kit Kat factory, and coupons for Chocolatory products. Now, those sounds like decent incentives to buy chocolates that are tempting enough to begin with, don’t they?

We have a feeling that, unfortunately, the draw for the gold Kit Kat will be limited to entrants from Japan, as it seems unlikely they’ll ship the gold overseas. But if chocolate is as addictive as they say, there should be plenty of people registering and collecting points at Chocolatory shops around Japan (and of course, hoping to win the drawing). We guess this is one case where you’ll be more than happy with a Kit Kat that you can’t eat!

Source: Nestle Japan press release
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