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Japan is a country serious about its Kit Kat candy bars, treating them with the respect of gourmet chocolate and putting them on top of pizza. Now the Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen has brought the world its first Kit Kat sandwich, so we of course had to try what seemed like a delicious idea. Click below for our review of the dessert and why our Kit Kat taster compared it to a bad date

First Kitchen began selling the Kit Kat sandwich on March 19 for a mere 220 yen (US$1.83). The fast food restaurant said they worked together with Nestlé to bring the dessert to its menu by coming up with a new Kit Kat flavor called “For Café.” The flavor will only be available at restaurants and is supposed to be a version of the familiar candy bar that has “outstanding comparability” to coffee and is well suited to be a part of Kit Kat desserts. First Kitchen will also sell individual packages of the new flavor for 50 yen.

▼ A First Kitchen ad for the new “For Café” Kit Kats and its new dessert sandwich

2015.03.22 kitkat sand FKImage: First Kitchen

We sent our reporter and dessert connoisseur Mr. Sato to try out the Kit Kat sandwich to see if it was worthy to be associated with the well-loved candy bar. He ordered the sandwich expecting great things out of the sweet bread and whipped cream that, well, sandwich the “For Café” Kit Kats.

▼ Mr. Sato prepares to unveil the Kit Kat sandwich

2015.03.22 kitkat sand 3Image: RocketNews24

▼ A first look at the unwrapped dessert

2015.03.22 kitkat sand 2Image: RocketNews24

▼ Plenty of whipped cream on this dessert sandwich

2015.03.22 kitkat sand 1Image: RocketNews24

▼ A close up of the whipped cream-surrounded Kit Kats

2015.03.22 kitkat sand 5Image: RocketNews24

▼ Enough looking, Mr. Sato is ready to taste the Kit Kat Sandwich.

2015.03.22 kitkat sand 6Image: RocketNews24

The first thing Mr. Sato noticed about the dessert is how surprisingly soft the chocolate in the Kit Kat bar is and assumed that was one of the differences that set the “For Café” flavor apart. He said it matched well with the sweet, white bread and the whipped cream. But other than the softer chocolate, he couldn’t really figure out what was so different about the new flavor.

After a few bites, Mr. Sato said he started feeling like there was something not quite right with the dessert. He soon realized it was the hard wafers combined with the soft bread that really clashed in his opinion. He likened the taste and texture of the Kit Kat sandwich to a bad date when although you may be two great personalities on your own, you very obviously just don’t mesh well together and even everyone around notices it (our resident beer-taster, Casey, had a similar experience with mint chocolate stout).

Mr. Sato thought that First Kitchen bit off more than it could chew with the Kit Kat sandwich, but hopes the chain can learn from this dessert experiment when developing new menu items in the future. So, in other words, maybe it’s better to have had and lost an appetite for Kit sandwiches than to never have had one at all.

Photos: RocketNews24
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