The top 21 flavours, tallied from votes around the world, include Wasabi Cheese, Fresh Ginger, and Pearl.

Earlier this month, Nestlé Japan caused a stir when they announced they were calling on chocolate fans across the world to nominate their ultimate dream flavour for their next Kit Kat release.

Sweet-tooths from a wide variety of countries offered up their creative suggestions, and while smart-alec proposals for Breast Milk and Big Black Penis were struck off the list, the remaining ideas were whittled down, making way for 21 finalists, which have been revealed below:

  1. Ichigo Tiramisu (Strawberry Tiramisu)
  2. Uji Kintoki (Shaved ice with Uji matcha syrup and sweet adzuki red beans)
  3. Ume Jamu (Plum Jam)
  4. Orange Liqueur
  5. Kuri Yokan (Chestnut Yokan [Yokan is a traditional jellied dessert])
  6. Cream Anmitsu (Anmitsu is a Japanese dessert that usually contains small cubes of agar jelly, red bean paste, soft mochi sticky rice pieces, and fruit)
  7. Shio Vanilla (Salted Vanilla)
  8. Pearl and Lychee (the “pearl” in this case refers to bubble tea)
  9. Nama Shoga (Fresh Ginger)
  10. Chai
  11. Cheesecake
  12. Passionfruit
  13. Fruits Cocktail
  14. Hojicha (roasted green tea)
  15. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream (A New Zealand favourite made from plain vanilla ice cream with small lumps of crunchy honeycomb toffee pieces)
  16. Marugoto Ichigo (Whole Strawberries)
  17. Mixed Juice
  18. Mint and Yoghurt
  19. Momo Dango (Peach Dango [sweet dumplings])
  20. Yuzu (a popular Japanese citrus)
  21. Wasabi Cheese

Following the initial nomination stage of the World Summit campaign, which has been designed to help mark the brand’s 45th Anniversary in Japan, Nestlé is now moving onto the second stage, which calls on Kit Kat fans to once again cast their votes, this time from the 21 varieties listed above.

Online voting will only be open for a week, from 20-27 April, after which time the company will get to work producing the most voted-for release. The winning flavour will then be announced in early November, with the release scheduled for mid-November.

So which Kit Kat flavour gets your vote? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source, images: Nestlé Japan