Still riding the Halloween high, our guy gets his biggest dream realized in the most rockin’ way.  

To Yota Ishii, one of our Japanese-language reporters, the giant Halloween bash in Shibuya that he and his fellow writers attended while disguised as a herd of Hello Kitties less than two weeks ago already feels like a thing of the distant past. Ishii, who’s an unassuming man of around 30, found the thrill of dressing up as someone else for a few hours incredibly alluring and has since vowed to try out more costumes in the near future. But for his next challenge, he didn’t want his getup to be anything as cute and cuddly as Kitty-chan–no, this time he wanted to try out something that was the very definition of bold and daring:

“I want to turn into a cool rock star.”

Of course, he had no idea how to go about this transformation given his limited knowledge, so he reached out to a friend who manages a gothic clothing-inspired online clothing store. He had no idea if this man could help him in his quest, but it was by far the best lead he had. He waited in anticipation for the reply to come and his heart lurched when he saw the answer:

“If that’s what you desire, then COME. HAHAHA”

On the one hand, Ishii was relieved that he would have the help of an expert–but on the other hand, the incredibly intense reply was a bit disconcerting! In any case, it seemed like his dream was definitely going to come true!

▼ By the way, the online store that would provide his new look is called Spider Rock Web, which carries a line of gothic and rock fashion lines and accessories.

Ishii went to the online store’s management office at the appointed hour and was greeted by his manager friend, who definitely inspired confidence in his area of expertise:

▼ The other staff members also nailed the gothic look!

This was it! It was exactly the kind of style Ishii had envisioned. He excitedly dropped into a chair and the others began buzzing around him in preparation for his transformation.

The first step was evening out his skin tone with some foundation…

…and then applying a healthy dollop of eye makeup:

At long last, the transformation was complete. Scroll down for Ishii’s new look!

Tada! Perfection.

Ishii marveled at the skills of the professionals who could turn his usual average look…

…into something as edgy as this by changing up his clothing and makeup:

In fact, he felt as if a whole new exhilarating persona had taken over his body–something along the lines of, “I came, I saw, I rocked.” 

Little details, such as this skull bag and stitches choker, really completed the look:

And of course, he couldn’t wait to debut his new rock star-self in public.

▼ Even rock stars have to make konbini runs, you know.

Ishii encourages everyone to switch up their style every now and then because the results can be truly liberating. We’ll have to see how long he sticks with this style, but it certainly would be the perfect look to compete in the Air Guitar World Championships next year.

Reference: Spider Rock Web
Images © SoraNews24
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