Enough to purchase a nice house for his parents.

It takes a whole lot of experimenting and dedication to become a true master of cosmetics and makeup, but stick with it long enough and you can even magically transform into famous celebrities like Taylor Swift.

When 12-year-old Thai boy @nes_tyyy first began toying with his mother’s cosmetics, his parents were very supportive of his hobby and curiosity. Now, he provides makeup tutorials and posts pictures of himself cross-dressing as a girl on his Instagram account, which has amassed more than 290,000 followers.

▼ Nes is like any other Thai elementary school boy.


▼ But when he brings his impressive makeup skills to bear…


▼ …he undergoes stunning transformations…


▼ …that put some professional makeup artists to shame.


Although some of his classmates ridiculed his hobby, Nes takes it in stride and has delved deeper into the world of makeup. After school, he often puts on a wig and dresses up as a girl.

▼ As time passed, Nes’s interest in makeup bloomed from mere hobby…


▼ …into a potential career in modeling.


▼ He has even gone onto the red carpet in an event
held by Thai entertainment news company, Dara Daily…


▼ …an opportunity that seemed like a dream come true for the elementary schooler.


▼ When he is not posing for glamorous photoshoots…


▼ …Nes is busy endorsing cosmetic products.


His devotion and skills has led him to being invited to major events in Thailand and abroad to brush shoulders with other stars, an impressive feat that other children at his age could only dream of.

Various cosmetic brands have signed deals with Nes, and with the money that he has earned the little boy bought a house for his family.

▼ But even though he is now a rising star…


▼ …Nes is still a playful 12-year-old boy that just wants to kick back and relax.


The future is bright for Nes, and we are impressed that his hobby and never-ending determination have led him down a path to stardom at such a young age. And as some of our Japanese-language staff can attest to, cross-dressing is no walk in the park.

Source: Instagram/nes_tyyy, SETN via Oddity Central
Images: Instagram/nes_tyyy