The green mermaid invites us into a thrilling polyamorous romance, tinged with danger.

At Starbucks in Japan, big annual events like Christmas and Valentine’s Day are celebrated with not one but two limited-edition Frappuccinos, released within a short space of each other in the lead-up to the day.

This year, however, we’re being spoilt with even more Frappuccinos than usual, thanks to the chain releasing them in twos for Valentine’s Day. After being seduced by the first duo — the Opera Frappuccino and White Opera Frappuccino — Starbucks has now revealed the second Valentine’s Day pair, also based on France’s famous layered chocolate cake.

▼ It’s time to get cosy with the Rouge Opera Frappuccino.

Like the first Valentine’s Day release, these two beverages come in white and dark versions, with a blend of chocolate chips and chocolate in the body of the drinks, and a hit of coffee combined with almond milk to capture the flavour of an opera cake.

The real scene-stealer, however, is the bright red topping, which the chain says will “add excitement” to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Sitting atop a layer of whipped cream, the glacage topping is thick and glossy, recreating the look of an opera cake, with raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries in the mix for full-bodied flavour and deep red colour.

▼ Topped with a dusting of gold powder, these are two of the most luxurious-looking drinks we’ve ever seen at Starbucks.

The harmonious blend of sweet and sour notes in these drinks is said to be as luxurious as their appearance, but they’re tinged with danger as we fear won’t be able to stop drinking them when they’re released around Japan from 31 January.

Thankfully, they’re only available while stocks last until 14 February, giving us time to restore our waistlines before the next round of limited-edition Frappuccinos sweeps us off our feet again. Priced at 776 yen (US$5.25) for takeout or 790 yen for dine-in, these chocolatey beverages will soon be stealing hearts everywhere, especially when combined with the chain’s’ new limited-edition Valentine’s Day cake collection!

Source, images: Press release
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