Having trouble washing your hands for 30 seconds? Pokémon can help!

In 2020, it’s arguably more important now than ever to make sure everyone – kids and adults alike – are washing their hands correctly. Luckily for Japanese people, the ingenious idea of handwashing stamps that Japanese company Shachihata put into action is now available in Pokémon PON form!

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s the rundown: in 2016, Shachihata released a series of Otetepon push stamps to help children learn proper handwashing habits. Basically, you push the stamp onto someone’s palm, and it’s that person’s goal to wash the stamp away for the ideal period of 30 seconds. It was invented as a way to get kids more involved in personal hygiene.

Since Pokémon PON hanko seal push stamps were already in existence, it wasn’t that far of a stretch for the company to make handwashing stamps as well. And that’s just what they did!

▼ Now you can have your favorite Pokémon on your hand to remind you of how dirty your hands are!

These Pokémon PON handwashing stamps are available in the same scope as Pokémon PON hanko stamps: a total of 453 different Pokémon spanning four regions.

▼ Here’s a sample of the Kanto region stamps.

While you can’t write your name on these stamps, you can choose from different fonts, colors, and phrases.

▼ Kids and adults alike will love picking one out.

From left to right, the phrases read: “yobou“, or “prevention” (as in, prevention of sickness); “pika pika“, or “sparkling” (in this instance, sparkling clean); “kirei“, or “clean” (though it can sometimes mean “beautiful”); and “te arai“, or “handwashing”. We have to admit, the “pika pika” pairing with Pikachu is pretty genius.

▼ The stamps themselves will add some flair to your interior, too!

These handwashing stamps are available through the official Pokémon PON site, along with Japanese e-commerce sites like Rakuten, Yahoo!, and more. They’re selling for 2,200 yen (US$20.94) each – not bad for a tool to make your kids (or you – no judgment) excited about washing their hands. Just imagine how much fun you’d have with the combo of this stamp and ARASHI’s Wash Your Hands!

Source, images: PR Times
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