Half of Tokyo’s universities to use credits to “convince” students to volunteer in 2020 Olympics

Whatever happened to the spirit of volunteering?

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Netizens speak up over video of kidnapping prank in Japan posted by American YouTuber duo

Duo claims the prank was staged, but Japanese netizens aren’t buying it.

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Ayumi Hamasaki offends South Korean fans during live concert with Japanese war flag

For some, the painful memories of World War II remain fresh in their minds.

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Documentary on North Korean schools in Tokyo sheds light on bizarre, hidden part of Japan【Video】

What do you do when a school praising a terrorist country is in your neighborhood?

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Japanese boy celebrates 8th birthday dressed as a host at a club in Tokyo’s Kabukicho

The Internet can’t decide whether this is insanely cute or a prime example of terrible parenting.

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Miranda Kerr’s newest photoshoot for Vogue Japan stirs up controversy

Geisha, samurai, manga. Those are the three themes that Peruvian photographer Mario Testino used in his recent photoshoot with Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr for the special 15th anniversary November issue of Vogue Japan. While Kerr is no stranger to Japanese television commercials (need laundry detergent, anyone?), her recent photos have been stirring up controversy due to the ‘vaguely ethnic-looking style’ of the fashion used in the shoot.

Take a look at the photos and then decide for yourself what’s going on here–is it cultural appropriation, or cultural appreciation?

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