We find that a great disaster tip is also the stuff that juicy dreams are made of.

Not too long ago our writer Seiji Nakazawa learned a neat tip from the Metropolitan Police to save water during an emergency. It involved punching a hole into a plastic bottle and filling it in such a way that it could act like a faucet.

Seiji tried it out and was surprised to learn that it worked perfectly, which is great to know if he ever found himself with a limited supply of water.

But he got to thinking and remembered an old urban legend that told of a place in the rural prefecture of Ehime where Pom brand orange juice came out the faucets. Sometimes the location would change, but the rumor, and thus the dream, was always there.

Now Seiji realized that with the new skill he acquired he could make this a reality!

So he repeated the process he learned before and poked a two-to-three-millimeter hole into a bottle. The, he covered the hole with his finger and began to fill it, only this time with Pom juice rather than water.

As the theory goes by loosening and tightening the cap the flow of water can be controlled, but does the same hold true for juice?


Sure enough, a powerful tangy stream of yellow shot out at Seiji’s command. It was like he was transported to the magical land of Ehime where Pom juice flowed like water.

▼ The entire process from start to finish can be seen in this video

You know how in commercials people sometimes drink with the bottle an inch away from their mouths? Well now you can too!

▼ Trick photography, do not try at home

Sometimes the steam was too powerful and splashed all over Seiji’s mouth in a sticky yellow mess. That was okay though, it made him feel like those sports athletes on TV who spill their drinks because they’re thirsty but still too into the game to bother drinking correctly.

He never felt more manly in his life.

Hopefully the fun we had today reminds all of you about this potentially lifesaving technique in the event a disaster strikes and you don’t know when water will be available again.

We also hope you’ll remember that when we inevitably make one of these filled with Tabasco and determine who in the office can withstand the “Endless Stream of Fire!”

Images: SoraNews24 

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