The problem with traditional hug pillows is they just can’t mimic the warmth of a human body. But now, with a new USB-powered hug pillow from Thanko’s Raremono shop, you can enjoy the feeling of cozying up to a perfectly-heated, just-slightly-under-body-temperature 36 °C warm body. And, because it’s inflatable, it’s also very light (740 g [~1.6 lbs]), for all those times you need to roll it up for travel, or you want control over the firmness of your pillow.


Best of all, it’s designed to fit inside standard hug pillow cases, so you can snuggle up to your favorite character out of the box. Each one is selling for only 2,980 yen (about US$25).


The company has an English-language website, so keep your eyes peeled.