huggy pillow

Giant Pokémon huggy pillow is a dakimakura version of a sweet that’s too cute to eat【Photos】

Mega-size Tokyo Banana Eevee is here to nourish us with warm fuzzy feelings.

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Buttress Pillow: People in Japan go crazy for life-sized huggy butt cushion

Because there’s nothing like sleeping with your face buried in a butt crack.

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American otaku attends college graduation accompanied by his anime girl huggy pillow【Video】

Young man in Southern California has a degree, and also a very clear opinion on who Love Live!’s best girl is.

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Female comedian turned into huge huggy pillow in Japan’s strangest ramen promotion in a long time

The makers of Cup Noodles are betting that somewhere out there is a person who wants a 10-kilo pillow and instant noodles.

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Anime huggy pillows make mainstream inroads with appearance in Cartoon Network series

The American broadcaster’s We Bare Bears features a panda, a grizzly, and a polar bear…and in its most recent episode, also an anime schoolgirl pillowcase.

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Sandwiched Between Twintails Pillow: For if you don’t know to hug your pillow or let it hug you

We’ve talked before about Japan’s love affair with gigantic hug pillows. Even if they’re not covered with pictures of your anime or celebrity crush, dakimakura, as they’re called in Japanese, have a number of physiological advantages, as well as the psychological benefits some people reap from having something to hold as they sleep.

Of course, some people also feel more secure and relaxed being held as they sleep, which is why Japan has a new, double-pronged huggy pillow that can hug you back.

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