Because we all need somebody to lean on.

It’s always nice to fall asleep cradled in someone’s arms, isn’t it? Too bad you can’t have a partner’s arm or shoulder to rest your weary head against any time the need for a nap strikes.

As it turns out, there are actually a few anime characters (villains included!) who are willing to lend a hand – or a whole arm, rather – to help you drift to sleep wherever you need. At Premium Bandai’s online shop, you can now reserve arm pillows from the “Hitoyasumi Udemakura Kusshon Shiriizu” (Napping Arm-pillow Cushion Series). The series includes pillow-ized arms of Alien Baltan from Ultraman, Acguy from Mobile Suit Gundam, and Junkman from Kinnikuman.

▼ Submarine with a mouth? No! It’s an Alien Baltan showing its soft side.



▼ MSM-04 Acguy, here to cradle your head in its clawed metal grip.



▼ Junkman won’t crush your head, just cushion it gently as you drift off to dreamland.



Putting your head down on your desk isn’t the most comfortable way to get some shut-eye, but with these arm-pillows, just slip your own arm inside and it’s almost as if the characters themselves are offering you an arm for comfort. Just…a much softer arm!

The pillows cost 4,320 yen (US$42.30) each and can be pre-ordered up through September 26. They are expected to be delivered during the month of November. The Alien Baltan pillow can be preordered here, the Acguy pillow can be found here, and the Junkman version is available for preorder here.

Reference: @Press
Top image: Premium Bandai
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