$10,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Dislike receiving emails? Then the Internet Escape Pod is for you!

Japanese otaku sometimes get some stick for their love pillows, pillows with the face or body of an often scantily/un-clad female anime character. Who knows what people get up to with their pillows in the privacy of their own home? But it isn’t only the Japanese who are getting in on the act though. Instead of buxom young females, Americans are able to go to bed with the image of an older gentleman, Colonel Sanders.

The pillow (unfortunately already sold-out) is just one of the non-food item products that Kentucky Fried Chicken have produced, alongside clothing, jewellery and even more surprisingly, a US$10,000 capsule designed to isolate you and your loved ones from wireless signals. Huddled inside the pod, with a likeness of Colonel Sanders positioned protectively above, you’ll be able to hide away from the pernicious influence of the Internet and the endless waves of emails and messages from companies and concerned relatives.


▼ That’s not a piece of chicken placed there for an easy-to-understand size comparison (as in Mr. Sato equates to 1,160 KFC drumsticks), that’s the zip, just one of the nods to the company’s main line of business.

The steel and stainless steel mesh pod requires installation by a “qualified assembler” who will ensure that your Escape Pod completely blocks any and all wireless signals, and is only available in the U.S. for the price of $10,000, an amount that would buy an awful lot of fried chicken.

Japanese social media users were quick to realise the full potential of the pod, not for hiding from Skynet as the world falls apart around you, but as the perfect place to eat KFC’s delicious fried chicken. Within such a small, contained space the full aroma of fried chicken wouldn’t be able to escape, it would be like living inside a chicken bucket.

We’d get one ourselves, but we’ve already blown our one-man enclosure budget for this year. That pillow on the other hand…

Source: KFC Ltd. via Narinari
Images: KFC Ltd.