I mean, if you were small enough to fit in a warm fuzzy sock, you’d probably do it too, wouldn’t you?

Cats are not the only ones who sleep in the cutest ways possible. Ferrets, too, are often found in adorable sleeping positions. Japanese Twitter user and owner of four ferrets (and two cats), Mizunyan (@t_k14e8m) often finds one of her ferrets, Kinako, sleeping in cute places, like in her fuzzy socks.


In the above photo that has since gone viral on Twitter, Kinako had somehow crawled into Mizunyan’s winter sock, turned around so that only its head stuck out, and fell asleep all cozy and warm. In fact, so snug in the sock is Kinako that it barely moves when Mizunyan lifts it up for the camera.


This wasn’t the first time Mizunyan found Kinako sleeping soundly in a sock, either. Just a week earlier, she’d found Kinako in a different colored sock, looking like an adorable, sleepy ferret burrito.

▼ It is an unbearably cute coincidence that the sock has ears and that all we can see of Kinako is its cute little nose poking out…


While Kinako seems to favor fuzzy socks, especially on cold winter nights, it seems to like any kind of household object that is soft and enclosing. Here it is, for example, playing in what looks like a hair net, of all things.


Even diapers–clean ones, of course–are Kinako-approved for snuggles!


Yes, it seems that as long as Kinako can be warm and cozy, but still poke its head out, anything is fair game when it comes to nap time, and we can be rest assured that it will almost always be cute. Japanese netizens were understandably blown away by Kinako’s cute little fur-rito:

“So cute!”
“Your Christmas present has arrived.”
“It’s the Cinderella fit!”
“Oh my god! It’s too cute!”
“It’s so cute I thought I was gonna die!”

Now, personally, as a new Kinako fan myself, the next thing I want to see is it being gently tucked in to bed by its owner like this adorable kitten.

Source: Twitter/@t_k14e8m via Hamster Sokuho
Featured Imaged: Twitter/@t_k14e8m