From lounging cross-legged on a chair to passing flat-out on a slice of bread, these napping cats look completely cozy.

Sometimes, after a long hard day at work, there’s nothing else you want to do but come home, kick back on the sofa, and zone out in front of the TV. Once letting the soft cushions of the sofa engulf you, it’s easy to drift off into slumber with the sounds of the TV as white noise in the background.

While we might imagine a scene like this involving only a human being, as it turns out, there’s at least one precious little kitten who’s got chilling in front of the tube down pat, and the little guy belongs to Twitter-user @ahyachan, who posted a few photos of him on May 27.

▼ “Looks like he got sleepy while sitting on the chair watching TV… So cute…!!!”

In the photos, we can see @ahyachan’s little kitten, lounging back in a low, fluffy chair, eyes closed in slumber.

▼ He looks especially tiny in that chair!

What has most people giddy over the sleeping kitty sweetness is the way he has his hind legs out in front of him, crossed one over the other as if he were a little person relaxing in the chair.

Some comments include:

“It’s so cute how his legs are crossed.”
“I can’t stand the cuteness!”
“I want that cat…”
“I could look at this forever~”
“His… his legs are… just the cutest!”

Not to be outdone, we have Twitter-user @goma_tetsuro’s cat, who was found kicking waaay back on a giant slice-of-bread cushion.

“And he’s starting to be absorbed by the bread (lol)”

The one-year-old munchkin cat, named Tetsuro, can be seen fast asleep flat on his back across a cushion that looks just like a giant slice of soft white bread, looking very much like he’s about to be swallowed up by its delicious squishiness. With over 116,000 retweets and 255,000 likes since it was posted on June 3, Tetsuro is melting hearts all across the internet:

“He’s going to be transformed into some delicious bread!”
“Oh no! lol You have to pull him out of there!”
“I want to sandwich him up and eat him~”
“His pink nose is so cute! It would be awesome if you had ham and cheese blankets.”
“He’s melting! I wanna pet him.”

Whether they’re passed out on slices of bread, tucked into real beds, or need to have some pillow talk with their people to help them drift off, there’s something just so irresistible about watching sleeping cats.

Top image: Twitter/@ahyachan
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