Life-sized Pokémon Furret plush is big enough to knock you out in one move

This huge plush ferret is so gigantic you might have to have someone else hold it up while you hug it.

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Snuggly ferret makes adorably comfy beds from random household objects, especially loves socks

I mean, if you were small enough to fit in a warm fuzzy sock, you’d probably do it too, wouldn’t you?

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Japan to release stamps so cute you’ll want to cuddle your mail!

These stamps may even make overdue bill statements seem less threatening.

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Twitter user’s all-natural, all-organic “Roomba” has us grinning

Want a robot vacuum but worried about the robot revolution? There’s a pet for that!

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Adorable ferrets sleep only when together, on top of their special blanket 【Pics】

Here at RocketNews24, cute cats and Shiba Inu get a great deal of love, but what about the underrepresented ferret? It can give the others a run for their money with its cuteness, and its long body is like a big furry hotdog that you just want to squeeze.

One Japanese Twitter user recently posted a photo of his pet ferrets doing something both adorable and hilarious. All of them insist on sleeping together on top of a special blanket, so no matter where the owner puts the blanket, the sleeping mass of adorable ferrets follow. Be prepared to squeal with cuteness after the jump!

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