People in Japan are going crazy for the new Wasa Beads, which burst on your tongue with the heat and flavour of real wasabi.

Tamaruya is a Shizuoka-based company that’s been in business since 1875, supplying the country with some of the best wasabi Japan has to offer for over 130 years.

With a number of wasabi-based products like dressings and furikake rice seasonings already under their belt, Tamuraya is now wowing the country with an innovative new product that gives the humble wasabi a whole new look and texture, and they’re calling it Wasa Beads.

Using fresh wasabi from Shizuoka, these beads contain the same heat and flavour as the original plant, only these come with a beautifully smooth texture, and include a satisfying pop-on-your-tongue sensation that makes them look and feel similar to caviar.

The new product was launched only recently, being featured at a number of events that showcased a variety of serving suggestions, including toppings for sushi…

▼ A sprinkling on top of fresh shirasu.

▼ And a few popped on top of crackers, with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

▼ They can even be used to add a touch of heat to soba noodles.

▼ When they’re poured out from the jar into a bowl, they make an eye-catching addition to any buffet.

The glistening green beads have become a nationwide hit, with jars (which retail for 594 yen [US$5.34] each) selling out through word-of-mouth online. In response to the overwhelming demand for the product, Tamaruya set up a pre-order system on online shopping site Rakuten, which has also sold out, proving that these Wasa Beads are truly becoming one of the hottest new products in Japan at the moment.

Fortunately, the company say they’re aiming to increase production in future, so be sure to check their store on Rakuten for new stock. Hopefully it won’t be long until we get to taste those sweet pearls of wasabi burning our tastebuds with their green juicy goodness, because as we know, wasabi is filled with all sorts of amazing health and beauty benefits.

Source: Tamaruya via Japaaan
Images: Rakuten/Tamaruya