A new summertime drink, designed to look and taste like a ripe peach.

Things are getting fruity at Starbucks in Japan this summer, with the chain giving us not one but two banana-flavoured Frappuccinos for the month of June, and now we have another juicy offering for July, this time with peaches as the star.

This third summer release of the year is called the Love and Peach Frappuccino, and according to Starbucks, it’s based around the concept of “LOVE & ♡♡“. If those hearts are meant to resemble hearts in our eyes, they’ve certainly done the trick, because the drink perfectly replicates the peachy look of the fruit with beautiful gradated hues, created by layering peach juice and puree on top of a juicy peach pulp at the bottom of the cup.

▼ Love and Peace, Starbucks style.

While the beverage certainly looks like a peach, it’s said to taste like one too, with the sweetness and fragrance designed to replicate the flavour and texture of the fruit. The taste is said to be so authentic you’ll feel as if you’re biting into a ripe peach, with a harmonious balance between the slight sourness of peach peel and sweetness of the flesh lingering on the palate with every sip of the drink.

Blending it with the whipped cream topping will change the flavour profile, creating a creamy taste that’s similar to a rich, luxurious peach sweet. It certainly sounds like a seductive beverage, and we can’t wait to try it when it’s released on 10 July. Available in a Tall size only, priced at 700 yen (US$4.33) for dine-in or 687 yen for takeout, the Love and Peach Frappuccino will be on the menu until 6 August, while stocks last.

Source, images: Press release 
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