Four Japanese cosplayers model the new two-piece swimsuit inspired by a demon that has sex with sleeping men.

Over the past couple of years, Japanese brand Mocolle — which takes its name from the words mousou (“fantasy”) and “collection” — has been proudly living up to its moniker by making fantasies come true with hugely successful crowdfunding campaigns, giving birth to unique garments like the Ninja Bathing Suit, sexy bunny lingerie, and the kimono parka.

Now they’re back to wow us again, this time with their most eye-popping outfit yet: the Succubus Swimsuit.

The idea for the sexy two-piece was first conjured up by Japanese cosplayer and Twitter user @monhannoero, who goes by the name “non”. It was then illustrated in cute anime style by @NONZiLe, who goes by the slightly different name of “-N◎N-“, before progressing to the manufacturing stage. 

▼ The Succubus Swimsuit modelled by non, who first dreamt it up.

Joining non for the devilish swimsuit shoot are three other cosplayers, who know how to show off their best angles while modelling the bikini.


Kururu Kurasaka

▼ And Tuna Mayo.

For those not familiar with the term “succubus“, it’s a word that’s traditionally used to describe a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.

Mocolle’s new two-piece brings the mythical succubus to life with a heart-shaped peekaboo cutout on the top…

▼ …and devilish horns on the front of the bottoms.

▼ The top has pocket inserts on the bust for added volume.

▼ On the back are a set of small bat-like wings…

▼ …and a detachable horned tail.

▼ Completing the set is a headband, which gives you the horned ears of a demon.

The swimsuit can be given an added dash of flair by using your own accessories to amp up the look.

The crowdfunding campaign to put the Succubus Swimsuit into production has already smashed its 500,000-yen (US$4,534) goal by 178 percent, raising 893,668 yen in funds with 41 days remaining. Reward tiers start at 500 yen for a thank-you video message from non, with the swimsuit set starting at 7,770 yen for one or 23,000 yen for three. For 16,200 yen, patrons will be able to attend a one-hour photo-taking session with the four cosplayers in costume.

Given its huge popularity, many of the reward tiers, including the priciest one, which comes with non’s specially designed short pink wig for 30,000 yen, have already sold out. However, like Mocolle’s Shinto Shrine Maiden swimming costume  from last year, we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to purchase the Succubus Swimsuit from Village Vanguard once it’s released in the near future.

Source, images: Campfire/Mocolle