Bringing a little magic to your skin care rituals.

As a cosplayer, Enako’s job is focused on bringing anime and video games fashions into the real world. The goal of her latest venture, though, is about bringing over usable items from fantasy realms.

New Japanese cosmetics brand Magia describes its core concept as “summoning items from an isekai (alternate world.” And yes, they make sure to use the from-English loanword “aitemu” for “item,” keeping with the parlance in role-playing video games and fantasy anime that are steeped in game-like atmosphere.

Enako is actually dressed as a specific character here. In keeping with its game/anime inspirations, Magia has an official illustrated mascot too, named Ultimacia Ravencroft, designed by Shu Nozosawa.

Within the brand’s backstory, there exists a class of potions called the Heavenly Inscriptions, which can only be crafted by the most talented alchemists and are so powerful that even the dark lords are in awe of their effects. The young Ultimacia is one such alchemist, and the creator of the Release Potions.

Magia promises that the potions, which are actually skin lotions, will free users from the drudgery of dull daily skin care routines, adding a bit of dramatic excitement to your regular rituals of grooming. The citrus-scented red is a sebum care lotion, the blue a soap aroma moisturizer, and the green an herbal citrus tonic to help repair damaged skin.

▼ Within the Magia backstory, the Release Potions are made with powdered Philosopher’s Stone and leaves from the World Tree

Modeling for Magia isn’t the only thing that Enako has been up to recently. She’s also gearing up for this year’s winter Comiket, which will take place at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center on December 30 and 31. At the event, Enako will be offering her new photo album, for which she recently shared a preview photo of the included “Santa cos” Santa-themed cosplay section.

She also recently posted a photo from the succubus section, with the included info that on the 31st her booth will be located at the A-20ab slot in the East 7 hall.

Meanwhile, the Magia lotion line is being initially offered as a set of all three potions bundled with an illustrated Ultimacia poster and three clear files of Enako cosplaying as the character for 11,500 yen (US$77), which can be ordered through the Magia website here.

Source: PR Times, Twitter/@enako_cos via Otakomu
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Magia, PR Times
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