Three iconic styles for three famous storybook heroines.

Japanese apparel brand Mocolle has been hard at work recently, bringing illustrated fantasies to life with kimono-style parkas and ninja swimming costumes. Now they’re working on yet another project, this time in collaboration with illustrator Foo Midori, who sketched an initial design for three famous fairytale heroines, seen at the top left in the below tweet.

Enamoured by Midori’s artwork, Mocolle decided to bring this trio of swimsuits to life with a crowdfunding campaign to help put them into mass production. The three designs include: Little Red Riding Hood, which comes with a red skirt and hooded cape.

Without the cape, the outfit takes on a new look, thanks to a cute frilly bikini top that looks more like a shrunken pinafore than actual swimwear.

Next in the lineup is a set created in honour of Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

This one also features a skirt and pinafore-esque top, using the same colour seen on Alice’s pinafore from the famous fairytale.

And rounding off the range is this body-hugging two-piece, created in honour of The Little Mermaid from the fairytale of the same name.

This one features plenty of cute details to help you channel the cute mermaid from the fairytale.

▼ There’s a gorgeous bikini top with cups shaped like two shells, finished off with a jewel accent.

▼ And a figure-hugging skirt with a frilled hem and aqua hues.

According to Mocolle, the new designs were created with a “swimming-costumes-you’d-like-to-see-on-girls-at-Halloween” aesthetic in mind. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them at any other time of the year though, so to get yours before everyone else does, head over to the campaign site, where you can pick one up for 7,340 yen (US$66.33), or snag the whole range for 22,000 yen.

Source: Campfire/Mocolle via Net Lab
Images: Campfire/Mocolle