Sexy science experiment tests one of Japan’s most persistent pieces of folk wisdom.

Like any country, Japan has its own collection of folk wisdom, with some pieces of oft-repeated advice not really meshing with actual results. For example, eating stretchy mochi at New Year’s, for example, is supposed to grant you a long life, but actually has a pretty good chance of killing you right then and there.

And then there’s Japanese men’s favorite bit of sage knowledge: rubbing a woman’s breasts will make them bigger. Granted, this isn’t something Japanese schools teach in biology or health class, but there’s no shortage of dudes in Japan who’ll insist, usually in hushed tones over beers with the boys, that rubbing a woman’s chest produces a bigger chest to rub, like some kind of perpetual-boob-generating system.

So as part of a New Year’s TV special, broadcaster TV Tokyo teamed up with Japanese bikini model/race queen Nana Yasuda (pictured above) to find out what would happen if the 27-year-old Tokyo native’s breasts were rubbed 10,000 times. The results were revealed as part of a program in which 10,000-repetition experiments were performed in various fields (including Japanese calligraphy strokes and .kendo sword swings), but, obviously, the breast research was of particular interest to viewers.

However, it was determined that random squeezing might be detrimental to Yasuda’s breasts, and so TV Tokyo also enlisted the help of a “breast development counselor,” who devised a multi-motion cycle that began with firmly cupping the underside of Yasuda’s breasts and transitioning to palming and rotating them. A single 10,000-rub session was also deemed too heavy a workload for the model’s chest, and so the complete experiment would take place over the course of 12 days, with Yasuda herself handling the rubbing duties.

Along the way, Yasuda recorded her perceived changes. At 2,000 rubs, she noticed that her previously stiff shoulders felt much better. Once she hit the half-way point at 5,000 rubs, she said “It feels like my breasts really are getting bigger,” and 1,000 later, at the 6,000-rub mark, she said “My breasts are overflowing from my bra.”

▼ Yasuda’s 2018 Santacos video

Once all 10,000 rubs had been administered, it was time to measure Yasuda’s chest, with the before/after being:
● Before 10,000 rubs:
Bust size (top measurement): 81 centimeters (31.9 inches)
Under-bust: 73.5 centimeters
Cup size: D
● After 10,000 rubs
Bust size: 82 centimeters
Under-bust: 68.5 centimeters
Cup size: F

So according to the program, rubbing Yasuda’s chest 10,000 times didn’t just make her bust two cup sizes larger, it altered the shape of her breasts too, adding volume at the top while compacting them at the bottom.

However, it might be a little early to go declaring this a monumental breakthrough in the field of boobology. Remember that the 10,000 rubs were administered over a period of almost two weeks, during which any number of other factors could have been in play, such as increased calorie intake (and the reduced shoulder stiffness Yasuda reported may have just been a muscle-stretching side effect of regularly performing the rubbing motions). So even if Hitosura Ichimankai’s results are legitimate, it’s not a sure thing that it was all the rubbing that produced them.

There’s also the fact that proper science requires experiments to be repeated multiple times in order to verify the relationship between cause and effect, though if Yasuda is willing to devote herself to this research, odds are her fans won’t mind a bit.

Source: Shirabee via Nico Nico News via Hachima Kiko

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