“There is a tendency to misunderstand breast sizes.”

Japanese Twitter user @lingerie1108 is a lingerie saleswoman, and one who’s very committed to her profession, describing herself as someone who loves providing customers with properly fitting undergarments more than just about anything else in life.

So when she notices a misconception about the female form, she’s compelled to point it out, which leads us to this recent tweet from her showing the bra-clad chests of two women.


So what point is @lingerie1108 illustrating here?

“There is a tendency to misunderstand breast sizes.

When they hear ‘E cups,’ most people imagine the picture on the left, but the picture on the right is what actual E cups look like.

The picture on the left shows J cups.”

In other words, according to @lingerie1108, people often envision breasts of a certain cup size as bigger than they actually are. Put another way, when looking at a pair of breasts, they estimate their cup size to be smaller than it really is.

And why does @lingerie1108 want to correct this?

“There will always be men who say things like ‘Your breasts don’t look like E cups at all!’ or ‘Haha are you sure you measured ‘em right?’ or some other crazy theory. I’m here to tell the women who clueless guys say those things to that their stupidity isn’t worth letting hurt you.”

@lingerie1108’s expert opinion on the subject has earned her photo lesson some 18,000 likes as well as several agreeing replies like:

“I want this truth to spread.”
“They’re mine, so I know them better than anyone. He doesn’t have breasts, so how would he know?”
“My breasts are Ds or Es, but I had a guy say ‘They’re small. They’re As or Bs, right?’ I almost slugged him LOL Don’t use manga and anime sizes on me.”

The last comment is alluding to the tendency for anime characters’ stated cup sizes to correspond to much larger breast sizes than they would in real life. The basic logic is more or less “A and B cups are small, C and D are average, and E and above is big,” but the stylized nature of most popular anime series’ art design means that a character with an average-size-by-anime-standards chest generally has proportions that would be significantly bustier than average in real life.

Of course, anime is far from the only visual medium which affords guys the opportunity to look at breasts, so it’s probably not the only culprit for the size misconceptions. Regardless of the root source, though, @lingerie1108 advises anyone who accuses them of lying about their cup size to pay the accuser no heed.

Source: Twitter/@lingerie1108 via IT Media
Top image: Pakutaso

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