Just like the animated logo at the start of a Pixar movie, only funnier.

High school students in Japan are known for their team-minded spirit, working diligently together after school to clean their classrooms, hallways and restrooms every day, and staying back for extra-curricular club activities, which can keep them at school until well after the sun goes down.

Now, there’s a group of Japanese students from Tochigi Prefecture’s Utsunomiya Kita High School who are currently showing the world how teamwork makes the dream work, with a cute routine that’s instantly recognisable, as it mimics the short animated clip that appears at the opening of Pixar movies.

The five pupils, who clearly perfected the routine through practice, posted this clip of their performance online and it immediately went viral, netting them more than 3 million views.

▼ Watch how they perfectly replicate the cute animated logo scene from Pixar films in the tweet below.

While it’s impressive enough to see the students contorting their bodies to create the letters P, X, A, and R, with the trash can stepping in as the letter “I”, these boys really go all out with their reproduction. One pupil hops in from the right, perfectly embodying the Luxo Jr. lamp (originally from a computer-animated short film produced and released by Pixar in 1986), before stopping and turning beside the first letter of Pixar.

▼ The lamp jumps on the “I” in the original Pixar logo, but this lamp turns and jumps into a trash can.

▼ This side-by-side comparison shows the perfect timing of their performance.

People have been applauding the students for their remarkable reproduction, with many being particularly impressed with the nimble movements of the desk lamp.

▼ The lamp expertly nailed the jump into the bin without losing a slipper, thanks to a one-hand assist on the blackboard chalk tray.

▼ The response from the Internet was summed up in this GIF.

We have to agree that this really was a perfect performance! Let’s just hope ex-Pixar employees, Robert Kondo and Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, were watching the show, as their California-based studio Tonko House will be bringing us a Kumamon movie in the near future.

If they’re able to replicate Kyushu’s loveable black bear mascot as well as these students replicate the Luxo Jr. lamp, then we’ll be in for a very entertaining performance.

Source: Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@utaaaa1213