Cafe Lattes served in fluffy cup holders, sweet steamed Kitty head buns, and a special lunch are all on the menu at Lawson.

Hello Kitty fans are in for a treat this week – or make that several treats – courtesy of a collaborative campaign with Lawson convenience stores in honour of Kitty-chan’s 45th anniversary.

From Tuesday, February 19, Lawson will be offering an adorable fluffy Hello Kitty themed coffee cup sleeve as standard with every order of a hot cafe latte from their in-store ” Machi Cafe” drinks range. For 500 yen (US$5.42), you can grab a hot cup of milky joe without burning your fingers, courtesy of Japan’s most famous cat. The soft fluff also acts as insulation to extend the heat lifespan of your drink – always a bonus in these frigid February temps. Also, it looks super cute! The coffee offer marks the first collaboration between Hello Kitty and Lawson’s “Machi Cafe” range.

The fluffy cup holder offer is part of an initial three-pronged Hello Kitty push campaign which includes two other themed products available at Lawson stores. Also on sale from February 19 are these tasty-looking Kitty head-shaped steamed buns, filled with a sweet chunky apple and custard filling. The hot, steamy buns are available for 200 yen.

Also available is this “Hello Kitty Petit Lunch” bento lunch, which contains a small hamburg steak, portion of spaghetti, fried chicken, boiled egg, sausage, sushi roll and tofu rice pouch stamped with Kitty’s adorable face. The lunch box is available for 399 yen.

All items are available on a limited basis, at limited stores and for a limited time!

Source: Sanrio News via NariNari
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