These radiant rings bursting with vivid color are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the heart.

We’ve previously seen all manner of engagement and wedding rings from Japan, including Pikachu, Sailor Moon, and even Sephiroth-inspired bands to gift to your loved one. While these character-themed options may be unique when compared to other options on the ring market, even they have limits to their overall customization. However, we recently stumbled upon the ultimate made-to-order ring designer brand in the following tweet by @boole_mcbr. Ever since that discovery, we just can’t peel our eyes away from the multitude of stylish shapes and colors to choose from.

▼ “I never really gave much thought to wedding rings but my view changed completely after seeing these ones. It’s a brand called ‘Sora.’ Aren’t they pretty and isn’t it cool how you can choose the color in the center? I’ll have to save up but I will definitely buy mine here. I aspire for excellence…”

The brand is called Sora: The Absolute Ring, and we’d give it two thumbs up for its name alone (does it ring a bell?) if not also for the incredibly versatile and vivid designs that the company brings to fruition.

Sora’s physical store is located in Omotesando, the upscale shopping avenue of Harajuku (and neighbor of the limited-time Pokémon Shirts shop). With an overall brand vision of “Embracing thanks towards people and nature, we aim to realize a world where people can live as themselves,” perhaps it’s fitting that the store’s interior radiates a calm, natural vibe.

▼ The first floor consists of the shop/gallery and the second floor functions as the production studio.

What really sets Sora apart from its competitors, however, is its unique and one-of-a-kind design process. The crafting process for each new ring begins with a story–that of you and your significant other. You will work alongside one of the staff designers to produce an original drawing of your vision, at which point a sample version of the ring will be produced to ensure it meets your expectations.

Drawing up the intimate details of your rings can be both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time with all of the options at your fingertips–literally. Choose a suitable metal from platinum, gold (including color variations), titanium, zirconium, and tantalum, as well as a solid color or gradation from a whole palate of possibilities.

▼ A small sampling of some of the most vivid color selections available

Sora’s website also groups its rings into three main categories which feature dazzling rings befitting of various life occasions:

Marriage rings, including the customer-favorite infinity symbol and cherry blossom petals

Engagement rings, which tend to feature non-traditional curved lines

Anniversary rings, featuring unusual shapes and even other forms of jewelry

In fact, the only limitation for your ring’s design is the power of your imagination. Take a look at some of these uniquely textured bands that you definitely don’t see every day:

On a similar note, buyers have become enamored by Sora’s truly customizable creations, which often include text or picture engravings such as the following:

▼ Join your names together in eternity

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* @sora_omotesando . おふたりが寄り添っている似顔絵の刻印が とても素敵ですね◎ 結婚指輪が生まれるSORAには、 毎日たくさんの笑顔が溢れています** おふたりらしいマークを刻印して オリジナルリングをつくりましょう* . ————— ▽SORA公式サイトはTOPのURLからcheck ** >>> @sora_omotesando . ————— ぜひ『 #結婚指輪sora 』のハッシュタグで SORAの写真を投稿してくださいね** こちらのアカウントでリグラムさせていただきます♪ . #結婚指輪 #婚約指輪 #指輪 #表参道 #オーダーメイド #プレ花嫁 #ブライダル #ウェディング #手作り #彫金 #bridal#wedding #bridalring #ring #tokyo #anniversary #Jewelry #Marriage #記念日 #ソラ #リング#オリジナル#似顔絵

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▼ Include your own wedding date and sweet message of choice (this one reads ‘Together forever’) along with some fun musical motifs.

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@sora_omotesando . お互いへの気持ちをメッセージにした刻印◎ 特別な意味が込められた文字を刻むことで、 世界に一つだけの、 想いのこもった結婚指輪を作ることが出来ます** . ————— ▽SORA公式サイトはTOPのURLからcheck ** >>> @sora_omotesando . ————— ぜひ『 #結婚指輪sora 』のハッシュタグで SORAの写真を投稿してくださいね** こちらのアカウントでリグラムさせていただきます♪ . #結婚指輪 #婚約指輪 #指輪 #表参道 #オーダーメイド #プレ花嫁 #ブライダル #ウェディング #手作り #彫金 #bridal#wedding #bridalring #ring #tokyo #anniversary #Jewelry #Marriage #記念日 #ソラ #リング#オリジナル

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▼ Cat lovers can now pay homage to Cat Day (annually February 22 in Japan) in style!

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* @sora_omotesando . 2月22日は《ねこの日》** 「にゃんにゃんにゃん」と「222」の 語呂合わせにちなんでるんですよ♪ ねこ好きにもおすすめのリング* おふたりの大好きなモチーフを リングにしませんか** . ————— ▽SORA公式サイトはTOPのURLからcheck ** >>> @sora_omotesando . ————— ぜひ『 #結婚指輪sora 』のハッシュタグで SORAの写真を投稿してくださいね** こちらのアカウントでリグラムさせていただきます♪ . #結婚指輪 #婚約指輪 #指輪 #表参道 #オーダーメイド #プレ花嫁 #ブライダル #ウェディング #手作り #彫金 #bridal#wedding #bridalring #ring #tokyo #anniversary #Jewelry #Marriage #記念日 #ソラ #リング#ねこモチーフ

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On a final note, now for the thing that you’re probably wondering the most about: the price of a ring by Sora. The cost of all made-to-order rings is determined by three factors: the raw materials (type of metal, stones), the ring production cost (a uniform rate of 30,000 yen [US$268] per ring), and the design processing cost (based on degree of difficulty, stone inclusion, texture). When all is said and done, rings from Sora are actually right on par with other standard varieties on the market. Here are two examples:

▼ This gorgeous titanium ring with an inset diamond costs 228,000 yen.

▼ These zirconium rings with divine color gradations cost 313,000 yen as a pair (the one on the right is 5,000 yen more than the one on the left).

If you’re now inspired to craft your own truly unique ring creation, be sure to set up an appointment with a staff designer through Sora’s online booking system. And if you’re looking for more design ideas, you might want to check out this other range of good-looking jewelry.

Store information
Sora: The Absolute Ring
Address: 150-0001 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingu-mae 4-11-1
150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前 4-11-1
Open: 11 AM-7 PM (weekdays), 11 AM-8 PM (weekends)
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Source: Sora via Twicolle
Featured image: Instagram/sora_omotesando
Insert images: Sora (1, 2, 3)
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