The unique creations include a cat-faced keyhole design that comes to life on the bride’s wedding day.

Cat-loving couples can now tie the knot with a gorgeous set of rings featuring their favorite furry creatures in shiny metallic form. The rings are part of the N.E.K.O range, which plays on the Japanese word for cat (neko) and stands for “Never Ending Knock Out” — which is exactly how you and everyone else will feel every time the rings are seen! The designs were created by Afflux, specialists in bridal jewellery based in Osaka but with stockists around the country.

▼ The unique creations stand out with some impressive details, which include a sparkling diamond set in an adorable cat’s paw on the women’s engagement ring.


The men’s wedding ring has a more subdued cat-face design while the women’s wedding ring has a bolder, pointy-eared look, which is both cute and classy at the same time.

▼ Variations on the original design can also be made according to individual preferences, with yellow gold on the ear portion of the ring…


▼ A diamond-encrusted face…


▼ And a matte cat-face on the men’s ring design.


Prices start at 225,000 yen (US$2,043), plus tax, for the platinum engagement ring, while the platinum wedding rings cost 113,000 yen plus tax for the ladies’ version and 159,000 yen plus tax for the mens’ style. With a lifetime warranty on all the rings, these will definitely be a never-ending knockout!

Source, Images: PR Times, Afflux