These rotund new designs with a black polished coating pay homage to a fan-favorite Pokémon.

Just as with Psyduck, I relate more and more to the Sleeping Pokémon Snorlax the older I get. What more aspirational lifestyle is out there than sleeping, waking up to eat 900 pounds (408 kilograms) of food, then falling back asleep again in generally in-the-way places–only to repeat this cycle again and again?

▼ This sticker I just bought really sums up a decent life motto: “Just eat and sleep.”

The Normal-type is known as “Kabigon” in Japanese and it’s been a long-time favorite of Pokémon trainers ever since Generation I. On top of that, it’s about to get even more popular thanks to its latest foray into fashion.

Following the Snorlax and Munchlax rings last summer, high-end Japanese jewelry maker U-Treasure is now releasing two new pieces of jewelry that are perfect for anyone looking for an excuse to celebrate the finer things in life (i.e., eating and sleeping). While they’re not being marketed specifically as engagement or wedding items, we do think there are plenty of couples out there who wouldn’t mind something a little less traditionally sparkly to commemorate their upcoming nuptials.

▼ I mean, is there anything more romantic than pledging your eternal love to someone by promising them lots of good food and naps??

The Snorlax ring is made from silver with a black coating. Snorlax seems to be caught in mid-yawn (or snore?) and its bulky frame is basically spilling off the ring band. The ring retails for 24,200 yen (US$190.35).

Meanwhile, the Snorlax necklace is made from either silver or 950 platinum and also comes with a black coating. There’s a steep difference in price based on the material, with the silver version costing 18,700 yen and the platinum version costing 275,000 yen.

U-Treasure is now taking reservations for the Snorlax jewelry until June 21. If you’re looking for another slightly unorthodox Pokémon candidate for a ring, you may be pleasantly spooked by these Gengar rings as well.

Source: PR Times
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