Last chance today! Earn a free donut at the Google Home Mini Donut pop-up store in Tokyo

For those who like to indulge in a diet of “hole” foods–just be careful not to take a bite out of one of the speakers by mistake! 

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Japan’s Unique Skin Girls bring their brightly coloured complexions out to the streets of Tokyo

The girls showed off the new underground fashion trend in one of the city’s most upmarket shopping streets.

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We tried a colossal shaved iced dessert at Omotesando, got an equally massive brain freeze

Fancy an ice-cold dessert as big as a watermelon?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spotted in Japan 【Videos, Pics】

The celebrity couple drew attention as they shopped and strolled around the streets of Tokyo this weekend.

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Prepare your own cup of Kyoto matcha at a cafe in Tokyo … with sweets, of course!

We visited a unique cafe in Omotesando that lets you whip up your own cup of matcha green tea—and have sweet cream-filled bread to go with it, too!

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Lola’s Cupcakes and Magnolia Bakery bring out sakura cupcakes in Japan for a limited time

Famous bakeries from London and New York create limited edition cherry blossom cupcakes just for Japan.

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It’s sweet cupcake heaven — Magnolia Bakery opens very first shop in Japan to huge crowds!

Before we had mouth-watering croissant doughnuts and doughnut sandwiches, we had … good ol’ cupcakes! But we’re not talking about just any ordinary cupcake here. We’re talking about cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery in New York, made famous the world over by the hit TV Series Sex and the City. And yes, the TV series was an enormous success in Japan too, meaning that countless Japanese fans were left coveting not just gorgeous Manolo Blahnik shoes, but the delectable looking Magnolia Bakery cupcakes as well.

So, you can imagine how absolutely thrilled fans of the cupcakes were about Magnolia Bakery opening their very first store in Japan in the Omotesando area of Tokyo this week. And prove their enthusiasm they did, as throngs of fans showed up on opening day of Magnolia Bakery Tokyo on June 16. Now, as a passionate fan of all things sweet, as well as a devoted follower of American TV dramas — Sex and the City in particular — I knew I simply had to be there for the grand opening. And while the wait was long, the sight that greeted me in the shop was sweet indeed! But first, let us tell you just how long the wait was …

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First new Japanese Apple Store opened in eight years, Apple fans celebrate best way they know how

On 13 June, the Omotesando Apple Store opened in Tokyo. It was a rare occasion, being the first of its kind to open in Japan since the Sapporo Apple store in 2006. Although no new product was released, an estimated 1,000 Apple fans came out to show their support in true Apple fashion by making a huge line.

We sent our local Apple line-up correspondent Mr. Sato to report from the frontline.

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We visit the limited-time IKEA café in Tokyo

IKEA is a shopper’s paradise. The colors, the designs, and the price all work together and the impeccably presented showrooms make you want to recreate them in your own home. In Japan, there is the extra bonus of that “European style” that really speaks to some shoppers. IKEA is also well-known for its restaurant, where customers can relax and daydream about the new layout of their rooms while stuffing their face full of meatballs. For a limited time in Tokyo, IKEA has made it possible for you to experience living in a space all decked out in IKEA goods and stuff your face with Swedish meatballs at the same time!

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Japanese granny busts a move on the streets of Tokyo 【Video】

To show the world that young people do not have a monopoly on dancing, a choreography group from Japan has put together a video showing an elderly Japanese woman busting some mean moves on a trendy street in Tokyo. Made in honor of “Respect for the Aged Day,” it shows a kimono-clad woman getting down with her bad self to fast-paced electronic music.

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Popular Israeli Chocolate shop opens first store in Japan, and their chocolate pizza is to die for!

I remember once seeing a T-shirt that said, “You can never be too rich or too thin or have too much chocolate.” Well, the chocolate part of the quote seems to be true, at least judging from the number of chocolate enthusiasts who gathered for the opening of yet another specialty chocolate shop in Tokyo this weekend. While there certainly is no shortage of chocolate shops here in Japan’s capital, it seems we can’t get enough of the heavenly confection as Israeli chocolate store Max Brenner became the latest house of dark, sweet, chocolaty sin to open in the city. As a lover of all things sweet and wonderful, of course, I had to go check the shop out!

Max Brenner already has shops in the U.S.A., Australia, the Philippines and Singapore, but as this would be their very first shop in Japan, the news had been publicized in the Japanese media, so I knew a good crowd could be expected when the shop opened last Saturday. I thought maybe if I arrived an hour and a half before the opening, I might be able to get a seat in time for a late lunch. Boy, was I wrong!

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