Want to know the latest Saiyan news? Or find out your Dragon Ball Fortune? Head to Yahoo! Planet Vegeta now!

It must be hard for Saiyans, the powerful warrior race of anime Dragon Ball, to find the kind of information they need. After all, most of them are dead thanks to Frieza, at least in Universe 7. But for those few Saiyans remaining, or those who are living in other universes, how are they to know what’s going on in the universe(s) if there isn’t a website tailored for them?

Well now there is. Yahoo! Japan has kindly created a portal site just for Saiyans, called Yahoo! Wakusei Vegeta, which is available for all smart phone browsers. It’s written in the Saiyan language and everything! It also, conveniently, has a Japanese version for the Saiyans residing on Earth.

The portal is updated just about every day with every kind of information a Saiyan could possibly need, from news about movements of Frieza’s army, to training guides, lifestyle lists, and information about technology, like the latest scouters. If you use the search bar, it will also kindly correct your misspellings, like changing “Carrot” to “Kakarot”.

Some of the most important information on the site pertains to training, of course; where the best spots to train are, who to train with, and extreme planets where it’s easiest to up your stamina and muscles! There’s even a category called, “The Strongest”, which has articles that describe the strongest warriors and martial artists in the universe.

▼ Under “The Strongest”, you can read articles about Lord Beerus, Sparta, samurai, and the legendary warrior monk Benkei, among other impressively strong figures.

For those Saiyans not familiar with Earth, there is also a whole blog written by a Saiyan who lives on Earth, which talks about where to train, what to eat, how to eat it, and what life is like on our planet.

▼ “A powder that strengthen’s your body?!” “Are there Dragon Balls on Earth?”

There’s even a Dragon Ball Fortune Telling page. You can digitally search for a Dragon Ball every day, which will tell you your daily fortune. Collect all seven, and you can make a wish!

There are lots of fun features of Yahoo! Japan’s Saiyan Portal, though sadly it’s only in Japanese and Saiyan, so English speakers may need the help of a friend (or Google Translate) to really enjoy them all.

In any case, this is a fun way to celebrate the release of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, which is coming to theaters in Japan in less than two weeks! We gave it two thumbs up, so if you’re a Dragon Ball fan, make sure to catch a screening of it before it’s gone!

Source: Mantan Web via My Game News Flash
Images: Yahoo! Wakusei Vegeta