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For most of us growing up in the US in the early 2000s, there was one thing we looked forward to after school: episodes of Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. While DBZ glued us to the TV with its excruciatingly long but always awesome fight scenes, Sailor Moon gave us powerful girls with prism power. These shows were the gateway to the land of anime, where love, sacrifice and training for more power had us positively transfixed for more hours than I’d care to count.

Is it any wonder that there is an entire fandom dedicated to Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon crossovers? What’s the story behind the Saiyans and the Sailor Soldiers? Do these two series secretly belong together? Find out this time on Dragon Sailor Ball Soldiers…Z!

It seems like some pretty easy fan fiction: take two insanely popular series, one featuring a cast of guys and the other a cast of girls, and start pairing them up. But that wasn’t enough for DeviantArtist Queen-Vegeta69, who even posted back stories to go along with her phenomenal art.

Gohan and Sailor Mercury

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Being nerds and sharing an affinity for the color blue, these shy lovers use knowledge as their main weapon. It’s likely what brought them together in the first place, that or their bravery.

Vegeta and Sailor Mars

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Both of them possess fiery tempers and a knack for insulting the hero/heroine at all the wrong moments. You will often see them selfishly rushing into battle. Their temperaments lead to some intense fights between the two, but at the end of the day, their feelings for each other are strong and true.

Piccolo and Sailor Jupiter

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These green machines are tall warriors and a very serious couple. They are focused fighters who instigate their battles with that same solemn attitude. They may feel shy about showing their love in public but you never know what happens behind closed doors.

Trunks and Sailor Venus

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Lovers with sad pasts, only their bonds with each other keeps them strong. Their unique situations (Trunks traveling from the future and Sailor Venus’ long tenure as a Scout) give their love a special connection compared to the others.

Goku and Usagi

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Leaders, goof-balls and possessing stomachs that never seem to get full, this match made in the North Galaxy (where King Kai lives) has a strength of over 9,000!

Majin Buu and Wicked Lady

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Not only are the heroes paired off, even some of the baddies are given a conscious coupling. But their stories are so unique that perhaps we should leave it to Queen-Vegeta69 to explain it.

“Kidnapped and held hostage by the evil pink menace Majin Buu. He brainwashed her to believe the earth is filled with nothing but hate. Now working together, they want to conquer the world and destroy those who stand in their way. It’s up to Goku and his friends to stop them, but Usagi Tsukino won’t take that risk. Sailor Moon and her teammates will do anything to get Chibi USA back. But while working together, something unexpectedly happened that Goku and Sailor Moon will not believe.

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“Is it real or fake? Their love for one another. It so happens that they’re inseparable. After Majin Buu kidnapped Chibi-USA and brainwashed her to work with him, a powerful bond started forming between the two. Is this his work, or is Black Lady trying to trick him. Sailormoon believes that Chibi-USA is still inside Black Lady trying to escape. Goku thinks that Majin Buu is the one that’s being spellbounded by her beauty. Because why in the world would Majin Buu partner up and listen to a female in the first place. Goku and his friends think something doesn’t seem right. While Usagi and the sailor scouts might believe that Majin Buu actually could be in love.”

There is also this star-crossed lovers vibe between Cell and Sailor Saturn.

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“Hotaru Tomoe whispered to him in a soft tone, ‘Please stay away, every time we come near each other, I transform into the evil Mistress 9. You don’t want me in your life! I’m too dangerous to be held and loved. Don’t you see, I have the power to destroy a planet; Mistress 9 can destroy a universe. So please, I don’t want to hurt my loved ones, especially you…’ With those words, Cell is not sure whether he should keep tryin’ to help her or just let her go.”

Some of these pairs seem cute and even realistic, but no one can convince us that Cell would ever fall in love. That guy was a jerk.

Are you ready to jump into this romantic alternate universe crossover of Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon? Those  who do will probably be in for a ride that’s out of this world. Are there couples you think would be more suited for each other? Who would win in a battle between these devastating champions? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Artist Database
Images: DeviantArt (Queen-Vegeta69)