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Any product that collaborates with Sailor Moon instantly becomes cuter, no matter what it is. Got a tough anime protagonist that needs to show his softer side? Sailor Moon-ify him. Got a wedding gown that needs to be more charming? Sailor Moon-ify it! Got some condoms that need to be adorable? Sailor Moon-ify them!!

The latest product to get Sailor Moon-ified is leather goods company Asakusa Bunko. The company is famous for their handcrafted purses and wallets made from white cow leather and usually feature vibrant hanabishi (usually circular or hexagonal patterns featuring flowers). Keeping on brand then, the Sailor Moon collaboration features a folding leather purse and card case with a colourful Sailor Moon crystal hanabishi motif.

▼ The Sailor Moon folding purse – 34,800 yen (US$323)

Fans of the show will recognise the Cosmic Heart Compact in the centre of both items, surrounded by the symbols of the Inner Senshi: Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Despite its small appearance, the purse has an impressive storage capacity with its 13 different compartments, so you can store your coins, notes and cards in it with no problem.

▼ The Sailor Moon card case (14,800 yen [US$137])

The card case features a similar design, this time with the Prism Heart Compact being the centre point and the symbols of the Outer Senshi (Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn) surrounding it. The case has enough space for up to 40 cards, and also has two extra pockets so you can carry around your IC card without any problems.

While you might initially be put off at the price, all the purses and card cases are handmade and coloured using the yuzen technique, a dyeing technique used on kimono to stop their colours from fading.

The products were released on June 29 and will be available until the end of July, so potential Sailor Scouts will have to hurry here to online retailer Premico if they want to get their hands on them. And while you wait for your new purse to arrive, flush with excitement, you can keep that shine at bay with the Sailor Moon foundation!

Source: Premico via Nijimen
Images: Premico

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