Magical powers, time travel offered as possible explanation by shocked commenters.

Since he lives with his family, Japanese Twitter user @WAKYA_FD3S is used to there being other people in the house when he wakes up in the morning. That said, he usually expects to know who they are, which is what made last Tuesday morning weird.

As shown in the above photo (originally taken by @WAKYA_FD3S and later reposted by @09MdEXyl298FbeU), you can see a man in boxer shorts curled comfortably up on the floor, dozing with his head on a banana-shaped pillow. Despite the way in which he’s made himself very much at home, though, neither @WAKYA_FD3S nor his family had ever seen this man before.

@WAKYA_FD3S quickly called the police, who arrived on the scene and secured the area, all while the man continued to snooze at their feet (we can’t make out what the officer is writing on his pad, but we assume it’s something along the lines of “Suspect appears to have regretted removing pants, curled up into fetal position for more warmth.”).

Making the whole thing extra unsettling is that there were no signs of a break-in having taken place. After discovering the stranger in his home, @WAKYA_FD3S went around the house and confirmed that all the doors and windows were shut and locked, leading him to wonder if the man had already been inside the house when his family went to bed. “When locking up for the night, make sure to check inside your house too, and also to look into the rooms you don’t use very often,” he advised.

Other Twitter users offered their own theories:

“Has he been in your house since you moved in?”
“Maybe he lives in your attic.”
“Do you have a sister he’s stalking?”
“Is he just a regular burglar?”
“Here’s a possibility: He’s a time traveler.”
“Maybe he’s a dust mite that evolved into a human?”
“He must have warped into your house, right?”

However, as in many incidents of sleeping in unusual places, the most likely explanation isn’t magic, mad science, or malicious intent, but probably just alcohol. The way the man comfortably and conspicuously plopped himself down and went to sleep in the middle of what appears to be @WAKYA_FD3S’s living room isn’t really congruent with a secret squatter or criminally minded home invader. Because of that, the most plausible scenario is that @WAKYA_FD3S or someone in his family forgot to lock the front door or some other entrance to their home, only to have a drunken stranger mistake it for his own residence, or at least one where he’d be a welcome guest, then lock up after himself once he was inside.

Fortunately, the man was taken into custody without further incident. @WAKYA_FD3S says he’s leaving the matter entirely up to the police to deal with, and so he still doesn’t know for sure how the man ended up in his house. @WAKYA_FD3S’s family has, at least, spoken with the stranger’s, and he says that they’ve come to an amicable resolution, though we doubt he’ll be getting an invitation to come over for Sunday brunch anytime soon.

Source: Twitter/@WAKYA_FD3S via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@09MdEXyl298FbeU
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