One of the coolest points is the identity of the real-world location that forms Snoopy’s ear.

We’ve always known that Tokyo is home to some bizarre hidden sights, from this terrifying ad to a very special milk vending machine. But we didn’t know that one of the world’s most beloved characters, Snoopy of Peanuts fame, has also been hiding in plain sight all along right in the heart of the city!

▼ Japan is wild about Snoopy. He and his pal Woodstock can be found everywhere from stationery to the Peanuts Hotel in Kobe to this creative roll cake!

The cute discovery was shared via Twitter by anime director and lyricist Akitaro Daichi (known for his work on Fruits Basket (2001 version), Ojarumaru, and Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran) where it promptly blew up:

“Someone I know asked if I wanted to do the Snoopy Marathon. I was wondering what that was until I found this. It’s really incredible! My family also couldn’t get enough of it. I’ve borrowed the picture.” 

The resemblance to good old Snoopy is uncanny, and the fact that Woodstock can be found seated on his head adds to the charm.

Akitaro then posted a follow-up message detailing the length of the course, which clocks in at around 35 kilometers (21.7 miles):

“A lot of people seem curious about the distance, so I’ve put the trimmed part up with permission of the creator. The GPS wasn’t stopped while waiting at traffic lights, so it should be about two kilometers (1.2 miles) shorter than it appears. I’m also tagging @yuka_co, the one who made this course. Apparently the Woodstock part didn’t exist last year!”

A quick jump to @yuka_co‘s account displays her passion for running and cycling. She also elaborated on her creative process for making the Snoopy course in a separate post:

“How the first Snoopy running course was completed:

1st photo: I roughly outlined the main points (Oh no! The head is squished)

2nd photo: I touched up the fine details (I tried changing the eye but then it wasn’t cute anymore. Gah! The head was still like a sharp cliff)

3rd photo: I added the finishing touches to the eye and foot lengths and the shape of the head (I think it’s cute now)!” 

She also shared another running course in honor of the Year of the Boar:

“I’m happy that the Snoopy course was so popular! Here’s another one that I ran with friends to celebrate the Year of the Boar. In total it was 28 kilometers. She’s kind of chubby but a cutey!”

Net users were tickled by her creations, leaving comments such as the following:

“It’s amazing to think that she was able to create this run, including the Woodstock part, in one continuous line!”
“Please, please share this publicly on Google Maps!”
“I wonder where the best place to start is…”
“I love how the ear segment loops perfectly around the Imperial Palace and its gardens.”
“I definitely don’t have the stamina to finish this course. LOL”

What would Charlie Brown say if he knew his beloved beagle was a world marathon course? We can think of one likely response: “Good grief!”

Source: Twitter/@yuka_co via Twitter/@akitaroh
Featured image: Twitter/@akitaroh