Forget politics and religion, the truly dangerous topic is dissing your friend’s favorite anime!

No one expects to agree with their friends on everything — whether it’s some taboo topic like what color that dress was or something trivial like okonomiyaki vs monja, people will always have their differences. But usually we can look past them and accept each other for the special little snowflakes we all are, right? At least, that is until someone criticizes a beloved anime. That’s when the gloves come off!

Even if your friends know better than to diss your favorite, you’ve probably still seen nasty comments about whatever show is your current obsession, so we have a feeling you’ll be able to understand where these Japanese Twitter users are coming from as they respond to the hashtag #TheCorrectWayToDealWithAFriendCritizingAnimeYouLike.

For example, some people respond with fury…

▼ “Shut up! You Brat!”

And some know better than to pay too much attention to others’ opinions…

▼ “I don’t care.”

And there are even some Twitter users who take a more mature outlook!

▼ “The world you seek and the world I seek are different.”

But not everyone is willing to take the high road.

▼ “Please, choose whichever you prefer.” [See images below for your options.]


▼ “I am going to beat your face until it changes shape.”



It looks like certain Twitter users might watch too much TV though.

▼ “I’ll perform a power bomb on that punk.”

Fortunately, some people can disagree without violence…

▼ “That’s just your opinion.”

…and other can disagree with violence!

▼ Tweet body: “1. Understand the other person’s position.
2. Find the good and bad points in each other’s ideas, debate
them, and understand each other.
Image subtitle: “And then kill them.”

We have to admit we’re probably not above a little name calling either.

▼ “Shut up. You piece of crap.” “Wha–?!”

It’s often said that Japanese doesn’t really have any curse words. Fortunately, many in the country can always just use some of the more colorful bits of English!

And while they might not think too highly of Kim Jong-un, some Twitter users can appreciate his cold indifference when it comes to people who are just plain wrong.

▼ “Uh-huh, okay, whatever.”

Though others shared the demeanor of a different world leader…

▼ Wherever you are on the planet, I will find and I will punish you.”

Some things you just can’t explain with words — and that’s when a mascot kicking another mascot comes into play!

There were also the Twitter users who decided to channel their inner Pissed-Off Brad Pitt.

▼ “I’ll skip the details and get right to the point. You are gonna die.”

But, as far as we’re concerned, the best way to deal with criticism is vigorous debate…and a good suplex.

So, how about you? What’s your favorite way to deal with someone talking smack about your favorite anime? Do you prefer rational debate or a power bomb? Be sure to discuss (politely!) in the comments.

And when you’re done arguing, you might need to some help calming down. If so, you should definitely check out this album of lullabies inspired by Secret of Mana.

Sources: Twitter, Jin115
Featured image: Twitter/@S_16foifoi